Trending Spring Nail Art to ask for when you are at a Nail Shop!

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Winter is now officially over, store your mittens away and its time to head to the nail shop to complete your Spring season look with these gorgeous spring nail art designs! Remember, this year’s Pantone Color of the Year are Rose Quartz & Serenity – you’ll see a lot of beauty and fashion trends following this beautiful, peaceful, soft yet tranquil color palette.

For those who are seriously talented and with a stable hand, feel free to look at these nail art designs as inspirations. But those who may be like me, who makes bubbles or accidentally makes a dent after a second layer, I’d rather just go to the shop to get these amazing nail art designs done professionally.

I personally love the multiple different 3D designs per nail, with one of the nail designs done as a ‘see-through’ clear look to make a loud stance. But at times, I want to look sophisticated, clean, and mature, and I feel like having the perfect neutral one color look is perfect.

Enjoy the different nail design art below, all thanks to Nylon Korea!

1 Nail Spring Designs Nylon

2 Nail Spring Designs Nylon

3 Nail Spring Designs Nylon

4 Nail Spring Designs Nylon

5 Nail Spring Designs Nylon

6 Nail Spring Designs Nylon

9 Nail Spring Designs Nylon

8 Nail Spring Designs Nylon

7 Nail Spring Designs Nylon


Credit: Nylon Korea

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