The Legendary Beauty Queen: Actress Kim Min Jung

The legend of young and beauty, Kim Min Jung comes back in a new drama and food program called ‘The Merchant: Gaekju’ and ‘Tasty Road’. We’ve all seen her acting as a child to now an adult, and she never fails to show her amazing acting skills in every work that she does. Check out Kim Min Jung’s exclusive interview with Elle Korea to learn more about her and her special beauty tips.

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Legendary beauty queen, Kim Min Jung

Kim Min Jung made her first acting debut in 1988 as a child actress who is known to have big, bright eyes. Now she prospers with more glorious beauty and takes on adult roles in many dramas and movies. Kim Min Jung is one of the few child actresses of her age to successfully transition into adult roles, and she is happy to interview and take pictures with Elle Korea.

Especially with her vivid looks and skillful acting, actress Kim Min Jung received great love from the public ever since a child. Is it due to many years of experience in the entertainment industry? There is always something mysterious about her. It feels like she would be a strong perfectionist in regards to work and have barriers against strangers. For someone so unfamiliar to the public, Kim Min Jung begins hosting in a Korean TV variety show, ‘Tasty Road’ and there she reveals her personality. In an instant, it’s not easy to forget the strong image we have of her from the past. But seeing Kim Min Jung now is different. She eats well, smiles often, and expresses her feelings a lot. Kim Min Jung’s beauty talk reveals a lot of unexpected things from her, as her big round eyes and volumized lips look more beautiful than ever.

1 Kim Min Jung Elle Korea March 2016


Refine the skin with ‘Capture Totale – Triple Correcting Serum Foundation’ as the base makeup, and apply ‘Diorskin Nude Air Rouge Powder’ lightly on the skin. Extend the end corners of the eye with ‘Diorshow 5 Couleurs Designer Palette’. Bright pink lips have on ‘Dior Addict Lipstick’, ‘765 Ultra Dior’ and ‘Dior Addict Ultra Gloss’ to brighten pigments. Nails use ‘Dior Vernis 765 Ultradior’. All makeup, fashion, and jewelry are from Dior.

I heard you are busy with filming ‘The Merchant: Gaekju’ and hosting ‘Tasty Road’ as the main MC…

Recently, I wasn’t able to go home for about 2 weeks. Ever since ‘The Merchant: Gaekju’ entered the latter half of the season, I became even busier with the roles I’m playing in the drama. I remember posting on my Instagram a while ago with the hashtag #workaholic.

How do you feel about becoming the main MC of ‘Tasty Road’?

We just filmed the first episode. And wow, it’s amazing. I just love eating food and everything is so far so good. But the production crew told me that I need to find the trick of filming 3 to 4 places in one day. I hope I get used to it over time.

I was worried a little today about your condition, because I heard that you filmed until very late last night and came back to Seoul this morning.  

It’s true that I’m feeling exhausted, but it got lot better after the photoshoot because it’s been a while since I did one. I’ve been filming under extreme weather conditions such as rain and wind, and putting on this beautiful makeup and posing for pictures made me forget about how tired I was before I came. Today, I feel recharged completely, and I think I can fully become engaged in filming the drama again. (haha)

Is taking care of your skin a problem when you film outdoor scenes?

You are right. Most actresses don’t ever turn on the heat, because it’s impossible. On the field site, survival is the only thing on your mind. Even when your face feel like it’s going to rip apart from being so dry, it’s better than being hit by the piercing wind. It’s also very difficult to say your lines when your muscles freeze. But I’m used to it now because I face it every single day. The only problem is that my face becomes very sensitive after having so many crying scenes that erase my makeup. I have to fix my cheek makeup over and over again until the scene is done, and that is very hard to resist.

I bet you don’t even have time to go see the dermatologist or visit the aesthetics.

Huh? What is that (Laughs)? The only way to solve this problem is to get enough sleep. That’s the only answer. It all depends on how you think and take it to action. You have to put things down. Just accept the reality and believe it’s going to get better. If you hypnotize yourself like that, it gets better in 2 to 3 days. It gets worse if you look at yourself in the mirror all day long and stress yourself out.

2 Kim Min Jung Elle Korea March 2016


Soft sparkling eyes and naturally shining lips. Can a woman be any more beautiful than this? Using ‘Capture Totale – Triple Correcting Serum Foundation’ to recapture the luminous, radiant look of a youthful skin. Apply ‘Diorshow Mono 530 eyeshadow’, and ‘Dior Addict Lipstick’ with ‘656 Cosmic’ as base and layering it with ‘Dior Addict Ultra Gloss’. Another coating of ‘656 Cosmic’ over the gloss will add more volume and shine. Products are all from Dior.

Self-home DIY beauty care?

I usually put on one facial mask per week, but that has become very difficult these days. I tend to fall asleep with the sheet mask on my face and find it all dried up in the morning. That’s just worse than not putting it on at all. I even tried to set the alarm after 15 minutes, but that had no effect. This kept on happening over and over again, testing my patience, so I decided to remain calm and try to mind control. Over time, I’m realizing that this kind of bad behavior and mind is ‘not healthy and not beautiful’. When I get upset, my face becomes warm and irritates my skin. One thing I always keep in mind is to ‘mind control’.

It’s true but hard to keep in life.

True. I have been climbing mountains since a few years ago, and that helps me a lot with disciplining my mind. It takes about 7 to 8 hours each time I go, and that makes me become part of the nature, and it helps strengthen my body and purifies my skin.

Wow, that’s so unexpected of you. You take all the colorful equipment for hiking?

(Haha) In my own way, I seek for a modern look. Specifically something that’s monotone.

I thought you’d be more into Personal Training (PT) for sports, because you are popular for having beautiful and volumized body.

Not really. I’ve been recently into Pilates. I had abs before, but now it’s all gone (haha). Instead of something that’s boring, I like doing active sports.

Can you describe your skincare routine?

I complete it in just 3 steps – skin, eye cream, and essence. When I feel that my skin is a little dry, I put over another layer of the moisturizing cream.

That’s easier than I thought. I actually imagined Kim Min Jung as a perfectionist when it comes to beauty. I think I was totally wrong about that.  

Not at all. When I was young, I used to test out all the good skincare products when it first came out and put on 6 to 7 things on my face each night. But I realized that not everything works well with my skin. Sometimes it worsens the skin condition because you put too much on it. Now, I just try to find the right skincare product and use it on my face.

There is definitely a different side to your beauty in your twenties and thirties.

I actually preferred heavy and sparkly makeup in my twenties. Something that made everyone turn their heads toward me. But now, I like the natural makeup style much better. The subtle look is more attractive, I think. Not only makeup, but also fashion, nail, hair, and of course my mental attitude.

Do you ever do your own makeup?

Well, because I have such defined features, it’s hard to do my makeup. Normally, I just use the eyelash curler to curl my eyelashes and put on a natural color on the lips. So I always carry my Dior’s Addict Lip Gloss in my beauty pouch. I’ve been using this gloss for the past few years, and it’s perfect for someone like me who prefers having a natural look. But recently, I’ve been applying the Dior Addict Ultra Gloss, which makes my face brighten up just by the small touch on my lips, and it’s really awesome.

2 Kim Min Jung Elle Korea March 2016


Has bright blue eyes and pink sensual lips. Completed elegant blue toned eyes with ‘Diorshow 5 Couleurs Designer Palette 276 Carré Bleu’. Exotic pink lips used Dior Addict Ultra Gloss 676. All makeup products, necklace and tube topped dress are all from Dior.

What is one makeup tip for you?

My eyes are round so I tend to extend the end corners horizontally with my eyeliner instead of drawing it upwards, which might make it look even rounder. I also stay away from heavy lip colors because it’s already volumized.

You looked amazing with your red lip in your recent drama.

That was a big challenge for me. But there were clearly mixed reactions from people. Women were complimenting on the new vibrant color, while men were expressing their dissatisfaction about the change. Still, I learned something from this. The red lipstick makes the lips very matte, and it’s difficult to engage in a lot of conversations because you feel so dry. I had a difficult practicing my lines because my lips were so matte. I had to ask a makeup staff to put on another layer of lip gloss over the lipstick (which made it cakey). So I realized that red lips have to stay matte to look beautiful, and there are many different shades of red to try.

Do you enjoy having scented things in your house?

I love aromatherapy. I let it diffuse in my house.

I’m not talking about candles, but where do you get those perfumed oils?

They sell them a lot up in the mountains! Normally, people think that there’s only one type of temple fragrance, but there are actually many different kinds. If you smell one of the temple oils there, it’s amazing. Soon you find yourself calming down and completely relaxed.

If you are given a long vacation, what would you like to visit the most?

I want to go to Sobaeksan Mountain. I even considered staying at one of the mountain temples for about a month after my drama ended, but that disappeared because I am filming ‘Tasty Road’ now. Luckily, that becomes a good excuse to not go. The air is different for all mountains. Mt. Sorak is very rough so I have to climb like a militant, but Sobaeksan is cozy like mother’s womb. Since I worked really hard for the past few months, I want to leave the city and enjoy the onsen near the mountains. But I’ve received a lot of positive energy today from our photoshoot. I was able to rediscover myself as a beautiful woman. That made me realize that women has to live with confidence, although I have to return tomorrow and face filming in harsh weather conditions.

4 Kim Min Jung Elle Korea March 2016


Transparent lipgloss emphasized elegance. ‘Diorshow 5 Couleurs Designer Palette, 708 Amber Design’ gave delicate shades to the eyes, and ‘Diorshow mascara, 90 black’ volumized the eyelashes. Like fruit juice, lips sparkle from ‘Dior Addict Ultra Gloss‘, 765 Ultradior. Nails used Dior Vernis, 765 Ultradior. All products and fine jewelry rings are from Dior.


Source: Elle Korea Magazine

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