Get It Beauty Episode 4 Recap: Introduction to 5 NEW K-Beauty Devices

Get it Beauty Season 2016, Episode 4 (Aired on Wednesday February 24, 2016 at 9PM KST)

These new k-beauty devices introduced by Get It Beauty provides all the skin and beauty care you need with their most recommended device in ONE setting. Never alone can we fix all our skin irritations. But don’t you worry! Take a look at this mysterious DIY device and 4 other new arrivals shared with Get It Beauty’s 4th Episode into Season 2016.

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Get It Beauty’s filming site is full of mysterious devices. What are these devices lined up on Get it Beauty’s studio table? South Korea is a beauty + technology powerhouse, and we are always looking forward to the new DIY beauty products!

Let’s take a look at each new arrival this year.


1. LED Skin Care Device – 4 different colors on the LED device provides separate skin care.

  • Personalized Mode Available
  • With this one device, you can take care of all your skin problems.
  • Choose your preferred skin care type and light beam.
  • Put your face on the device and you will find the perfect skin care for you.

Depending on the skin care, the light changes! This LED care device has great performance, and you can see through this machine, so you can be on your phone at the same time while receiving your treatment.


On the side where all the buttons are, press the ‘intensive care’ mode.



Purple LED: Kills bacteria and prevent reproduction. Relieves and prevents acne.


Green LED: Improve the metabolism of the skin and relax skin pigmentation.

2. Pillow & Eye Patch

The second new arrival product is a pillow and eye patch! Everyone owns a pillow and eye patch, but why is this a new beauty device?


Yup, this pillow & eye patch straightens up all your wrinkles. All the MCs and Better Girls are surprised, and laughs about it at first.


There are essential minerals that increase protein inside the skin.


BUT! Clinical trial results validates anti-wrinkle effects.


This is a MUST try item if you are looking to reduce wrinkles. MC Honey Lee and Jung Min are already fascinated by this new product.

You might wonder if hugging a pillow and wearing an eye patch will actually make your wrinkles disappear. But with these products, the clinical trial results validates it does work and gives anti-wrinkle effects.

3. Muscle Training Device

The fourth beauty device is an EMS training device that uses stimulation by electricity to build and create muscles.


Just sticking it on will create muscles! It’s a muscle training device.




Removing the film and leaving it on the skin stimulates the muscles by transmitting electricity. The intensity level can be adjusted.


These ladies who want to give a present to Reporter Hwang Min Young, attached the device on him immediately so he can get abs.

Care to share your thoughts if it worked or not Mr. Hwang? “Oh my, I can feel it working.. this is kind of scary!”

Just by looking at his facial expression, this small device proves its magical powers.

4. Neck Wrinkle Care Machine

The last beauty device Jung Min recommends is called the neck wrinkle care machine.18

Directions for neck wrinkle care machine:

  1. Spread the exclusive neck care cream on the neck
  2. Apply the neck wrinkle care machine on the neck



Apply the neck cream and put the care device tightly around the neck, and make sure the timer is on.


  • Helps with collagen production
  • Improve skin elasticity with LED Wavelength


  • Small vibrations that relaxes the muscle
  • And helps with the anti-wrinkle process on the neck.

The LED wavelength helps with producing collagen and skin’s elasticity, and small vibrations relaxes the muscles to remove wrinkles in the neck.

This device is very tempting to get…! 

At the end of the new device arrival showcase, MC Honey Lee was talking about how she is in a huge dilemma whether or not to buy these incredible devices.

Which beauty device would you want? ^^


Watch the episode here:


Source: Get it Beauty

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