Exclusive Interview with Singer-Songwriter & Sound Designer, Suran

A unique female vocalist Suran becomes a popular singer-songwriter & sound designer in the music industry. Her voice is sweet and delightful, making people want to dance. Check out her interview and live stage video clip with Elle Korea and discover what she’s been up to lately.

Into The Color

Suran’s Beautiful Flowery Voice

Suran’s voice is gentle and delicate like the beautiful flowers about to bloom. She is a singer-songwriter & sound designer who is being featured on the stage of Elle Korea.

1 Suran Elle Korea March 2016 Issue

2 Suran Elle Korea March 2016 Issue

How would you describe the color of your voice?

To me, music is a time where I can explore the unique and fun aspects of life. When I first started my music career, I joined a jazz band and learned about UK music. All these live performances and acquaintances I met along the way have made me become who I am today. In that sense, I think my voice means ‘time’. I wasn’t sure for a very long time, but ever since I started writing new songs, I’ve been dreaming of becoming a professional musician.

When did you start composing your own songs?

I started to compose songs when I wrote ‘I Feel’, which launched last year. So that probably goes back to 1 or 2 years. Normally, my head is filled with abstract colors and ideas that I try to imagine inside my head when I begin work. Then I design and finalize the songs myself.

It’s very uncommon for a female musician to compose and design their own songs.

Maybe that’s because the work requires using a lot of technology and equipment, which men are normally better in. And I actually struggle with computers, too. I am mind blown whenever a program starts to load and update… (Laughs)  

I heard you have composed and produced songs for Lim Kim’s album ‘Awoo’, Primary’s album ‘Mannequin’, and Yankie’s album.

Yes. The Amoeba Culture (Korean record label) enabled me to work with some well-known singers such as Lim Kim, Yankie and Primary. The album ‘Mannequin’ was the first one I did with Primary, and we spent a lot of time discussing various things.

I heard you received an offer to do collaboration with Jamiroquai’s Stuart Zender.

Have you heard of the song ‘I Feel?’ We’ve been exchanging ideas, but we haven’t decided on anything yet. I think we will meet soon to sort things out.

Have you been featuring in any songs?

Yes. My priority is always singing, and featuring in songs has always been an important experience for me. I love performing on stage. I want to become a vocal singer who delivers a pleasant voice that everyone wants to hear, and I want to be able to create music for those wanting to find their own color as a singer.

How is your mini album coming along?

Great, but I’m not sure of announcing my single or mini album yet. I just know that there’s going to be a lot of different styles in it. Imagine the vocal singer as the main character and changing their clothes in each song. That’s the theme of my album. When my album finally launches, I am probably going to be busy performing live, which is the most exciting part!


3 Suran Elle Korea March 2016 Issue

4 Suran Elle Korea March 2016 Issue

RALA CHOI: Photographer’s Note

‘Suran Is Sitting In Her Room’.

In addition, here’s a description of the photographic work of Suran’s songs. All of her songs now and in the past have always been very meaningful and piercing one’s heart. When we listen to the melody and the tone of her voice, it sounds pleasant and amazing. But once you listen to the lyrics carefully, there is a sad sensation bringing out various emotions from inside. Maybe what we see of her on the outside is different from what she’s hiding on the inside. It must’ve been a tough process to create this song, because it brings out deeper meanings. The facial expressions on Suran’s face as she spoke for the interview did more than enough to explain what she’s been through. When viewing each photo, the red and blue in the picture represents hot and cold emotions, respectively. View it all here http://choihansol.com/

Watch ELLE stage’s first main vocal artist, Suran!


Source: Elle Korea

Photographer RALA CHOI
Stylist 김민주
Editor 채은미
Art Designer 조효정