Amos Professional Launches New Hair Colors & Treatment

Ladies, how do you give bright, vibrant colours to your hair? Amos Professional launches new Pitch Pink Brown and Lime Matte Brown colours that give beautiful tones and stylings to your hair. Read more with Allure Korea!

Perfect Match – Hair and Color

Amos Professional has launched Pitch Pink Brown and Lime Matte Brown colours inspired by ‘Stylish Nature’ in 2016 S/S Hair Trend Show. Watch Video (no subs)

Lovely Peach Pink

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Using the ‘washing method’, the top hair is dyed in dark ‘pitch pink brown’ that gradually becomes lighter at the bottom having loose waves.

Dye your entire hair using orange tones of pitch pink brown, but make sure to apply the ‘washing method’ from top to bottom, making the color lighter at the ends. This will reduce any frustrations for heavy and long hair.

Cut your bangs aligned with the side jaw. Put light layers in both bangs and the entire hair, parting it to the side so that you can have a natural wave.

Using a curling iron, create a natural watery wave and part it to the side. Tying it to one side will emphasize a feminine look.  – Hair Stylist Han Oh

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Amos Professional Colorgenic True Sync S exhibits an excellent hair color of your choice, and reflects light that realizes true colours. 80ml price undecided.

Cool Peach Pink

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Dyed the entire hair dark pitch pink brown, and bleached small portions with bright pitch pink brown to portray a natural ponytail style.  

Dyeing the entire hair dark pitch pink brown, and bleaching the hair with the same tone but brighter will exhibit unique styles of your own.  

Cutting see-through bangs that naturally connect the front and back hair, wrapping the face on each ends, will make the face look smaller.

Make bleaches stand out by parting the hair in the middle and using a tail comb to add volume. Then tie it loosely on the side. – Hair Stylist Han Jung Ah

Chic Lime Matte

4 Amos Professionals 2016 Allure Korea

Dyed the entire hair using a Lime Matte Brown color and volumized the ends with curls to look intelligent and sophisticated.

Dyeing the hair lime matte brown of golden tones makes short hair styles and c-curl look more intelligent and sophisticated.

Layer the bangs and leave the rest of the hair alone with straight ends to maintain a consistent appearance.

Use an iron to make the end curls flair out, part the hair to the side, and volumize the top. – Hair Stylist Soo Sung

Dandy Lime Matte

5 Amos Professionals 2016 Allure Korea

He has colors of bright lime matte brown in the front following his hairline, and the color becomes darker in the back, which emphasizes his two-block haircut.

Dye the front hair bright lime matte brown and use darker colors extending towards the back. This will emphasize the two-block cut.

Cut the side hair short and leave the top hair long. This will portray a natural and sophisticated look

Part the side of the hair towards the side and naturally make the curls flair out, and apply wax on the right to make it flat.  – Hair Stylist Han Jung Ah


How to Maintain Hair Color

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Amos Professional Colour Force Protective Shampoo keeps hair long lasting and protects from fading. 500g is 10,000 KRW.


Returning the pH balance

After you dye your hair, the pH balance breaks down and color pigments are released through the cuticles. Using acid shampoo can help balance out the pH balance and prevent hair from bleaching.

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Amos Professional Color Force Leave-In Treatment contains fermented camellia oil that gives your hair nourishing and glossy hair, while extracts of keratin protein protects the inner hair. 180ml around 20,000 KRW.


Rinseless daily care (minimized)

If rinsing steps are minimized after dyeing the hair, the hair condition will be less damaged. The ‘leave-in treatment’ soft cream type will wrap around the hair perfectly and make more vivid and deep colors in your hair.

8 Amos Professionals 2016 Allure Korea

Amos Professional’s Energy Oil Serum Starflower Seed Oil adds gloss to dyed hair. 80ml around 20,000 KRW.


Supplies moisture and nutrients to the hair

If the hair lacks moisture and nutrients, it becomes easily damaged and bleach process becomes quicker. It is good to finish styling the hair with oil serum.

Credits: Allure Korea

Editor: 조은선 Jo Eun Sun
Photographer: Courtesy of Amos Professional
Model: 윤소희, 진혜원, 지소연, 한종영 Yoon So Hee, Jin Hye Won, Ji So Yeon, Han Jong Young
Stylist: 곽지아 Kwak Ji Ah
Hair: 한오(에이치샵), 한정아(에이컨셉), 수성(디바이수성) Han Oh (H Shop), Han Jung Ah (A Concept), Soo Sung (D by Soo Sung)
Makeup 공혜련 Gong Hye Ryun

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