The Perfect Lunch in Seoul

Do you hear all those grumbling sounds in your stomach? That means no more junk food! Take out your phone and look up healthy food restaurants. Seoul has many many delicious places to dine in that are really good for your diet, especially for 16FW HERA SEOUL FASHION WEEK (March 21 to March 26)! Check out with Allure Korea for some hot spots chosen today.

One Perfect Dish to have in Seoul

It’s about time that I switch over from my junk food diet to something healthy. In Korea, there are so many restaurants down the street that all I need to do is research before walking into one. Here are some popular restaurants that can help you with your healthy food diet.

The Perfect Lunch In Seoul

1 Satt Bar’s Humus Salad 12,000 KRW (320kcal).
2 Bad Farmers’ Avocado Salad 13,500 KRW (592kcal), Squash Chickpea Soup 3,900 KRW (290kcal).
3 Juicy’s Beat You 500ml 13,000 KRW (160kcal).
4 La Ferme Seafood Quinoa Tomato Stew 15,800 KRW (370kcal). Super Healthy Oatmeal Pudding 6,200 KRW (120kcal). Miranda Kerr’s Cleanse Smoothie 7,800 KRW (320kcal).
5 I Mean Juice’s Superfood 2015 9,500 KRW (266kcal), Body and Kale 220ml 5,500 KRW (80kcal).
6 Dishroom by Dore Dore’s Eat Well Live Well 15,000 KRW (365kcal).
7 Granology’s Greek Yogurt with Granola Topping 5,500 KRW (350kcal).

1. Satt Bar

Satt Bar introduces a Mediterranean food recipe that has a healthy food diet, which increases your body’s immunity and resistance. You can find a cholesterol decline and fastened metabolism from humus salad to chickpea patty, coconut cheese, and vegan burger with no yeast bread. The food is very fresh and delicious, a heaven for vegans.

Address: Seoul-si Gangnam-gu Sunreung-ro 155 Gil 11 (서울시 강남구 선릉로 155길 11)
Contact: 070-4193-9144

2. Bad Farmers

The philosophy of Bad Farmers is very simple. Don’t eat food that our grandparents don’t approve. Appreciate organic and natural food. Their most popular dish is ‘Avocado Salad’. The ingredients include salmon, olive, cherry tomato, egg, and dressing of savory sesame and soybean paste. The size is big enough to soothe your hunger if you are on a diet. The store is known for their freshly mixed juice called ‘Not Aging’, ‘Sorry My Body’ etc. and everyday soup menu that are believed to extend your lifespan.

Address: Seoul-si Gangnam-gu Apgujeong-ro 4 Gil 31 (서울시 강남구 압구정로 4길 31)
Contact: 02-515-8400

3. Juicy

As soon as you walk in, the store will smell like fresh plants everywhere. Park Se Hoon is a chef and food columnist who believes in using only organic food in his recipes. He uses the cold-pressed method for extracting the fruit, which also minimizes the nutrients from being destroyed (fructose or anyo preserved agents are not added). There are specific detox programs depending on your body fit, so make sure to choose the right one. The ingredients include beet, carrot, and ginger that strengthens your immunity and prevents cancer.

Address: Seoul-si Yongsan-gu Noksapyeong-daero 46 Gil 18 (서울시 용산구 녹사평대로 46길 18)
Contact: 070-4125-5096

4. La Ferme

To create a table full of healthy food, La Ferme chooses the most colorful green interiors for the restaurant. Like the name ‘Seafood Quinoa Tomato Stew’, La Ferme is greatly influenced by quinoa, bean, chia seed, and chickpea. Miranda Kerr enjoys having ‘cleanse smoothie, chia seed pudding, blended herb tea with teatox effect, and new menus’ which are all becoming very popular.

Address: Seoul-si Yongsan-gu Itaewon-ro 54 Gil 32 (서울시 용산구 이태원로 54길 32)
Contact: 02-790-6685

5. I Mean Juice

It’s hard to avoid the healthy ‘I Mean Juice’ that purifies your body. The store recently opened near Geongridangil (경리단길), where you can find 13 different kinds of mixed juice and salad. ‘Superfood 2015’ season of herb pesto will include salmon, broccoli, spinach, kale, quinoa, cheongpodo, tomatoes, almonds, and walnuts. The most popular juice is ‘Body and Kale’, which has been legalized by the Korea Food Research Institute certification.

Address: Seoul-si Yongsan-gu Hoenamu-ro 6 Gil 20 (서울시 용산구 회나무로 6길 20)
Contact: 070-4123-8243

6. Dishroom By Dore Dore

Dishroom asserts their slogan is ‘Eat Well Live Well’. The main brunch food is a plate full of grilled vegetables, fish, and fruit. The recommended menu is ‘Eat Well Live Well’ plate, which includes grilled eggplant and pumpkin, lentil beans, grapefruit, carrots, green bean, broccoli, and tomatoes. Instead of frying, grilled or steamed food is good for the body.

Address: Seoul-si Gangnam-gu Apgujeong-ro 14 Gil 34 (서울시 강남구 압구정로 14길 34)
Contact: 02-511-2115

7. Granology

Granology is a professional Greek yogurt restaurant that makes the owner’s educational background stand out. This Greek yogurt has many different flavors that include mixed oats and dried fruit, unlike plain yogurt, that doubles the protein and lactobacillus. The crunchy nuts and Greek yogurt makes you feel full and satisfied.

Address: Seoul-si Gangnam-gu Dosan-daero 99 Gil 11 (서울시 강남구 도산대로 99길 11)
Contact: 02-6052-8837

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Credits: Allure Korea

Editor: Park So Hyun 박소현
Photographer: Shim Gyu Bo 심규보