K-Pop Idol Heo Young-Ji is a Guest MC on ‘Get It Beauty’ Korean TV show

OnStyle’s ‘Get It Beauty’ episode aired on March 2nd focused on a theme called ‘The Golden Age of Cosmetics’. Three hosts were invited to share their amazing stories about using Korean cosmetic products that have changed their lives forever.

“There is no such hue under the same sun” is their principle, as they introduce many different types of beauty products, surprising MC Lee Honey, Kim Jung Min, Hwang Min Young, and the special guest MC Heo Young-Ji.

These women have their own secrets of acquiring rare beauty items from the Korean beauty markets. They’re the ‘cosmetic maniacs’ of Korea, because they can easily identify and choose which brand people are using by looking at their skin tone’s color fixations.

Former KARA member but now active as a solo artist under DSP, Heo Young-Ji the new MC on the show, reveals that she is a makeup newbie and does not have many things in her makeup bag, which she shares in the episode. The three main hosts are interested to see what Heo Young-Ji has brought in her makeup pouch. They suggest that Heo Young-Ji should focus more on increasing the resilience of her makeup. Their ‘self-makeup techniques’ tutorial significantly helped Heo Young-Ji gain more confidence and try new things with her makeup.

“I feel like I’m going to fall in love with all these cosmetic products.”

– Heo Young-Ji

In addition, Get It Beauty’s ‘Talking Mirror’ will now feature Son Na Eun from Apink who will be sharing her secret beauty tips about maintaining a moisturized skin. She says, ‘my skin needs a lot of moisturizing cream throughout the day and supplying enough moisture is the key to having a healthy skin’.

‘Get It Beauty’ airs every Wednesday at 9pm (GMT+9).

Source: XSports News Korea – Reporter Kim Sun Woo
Image: On Style