Fearless Actress Lee Ji Ah Wants to Try New Diverse Roles

Actress Lee Ji Ah is a woman full of mysterious and amazing things. She’s been married to Seo Tae Ji, a Korean pop/rock icon, for over nine years, keeping it a secret until 2011 when everything became public, and had divorced that year.

Fearless Actress, Lee Ji Ah

This beautiful woman is like peeling a layer of onions after another. Actress Lee Ji Ah is attractive in all possible ways, and she is very fun and easy going.Lee Ji Ah Cosmopolitan Korea

Blouse 68,000 KRW from Recto, shoes (price undecided), and rings are Lee Ji Ah’s personal accessories.

You eat well, but also cook well. There is a surprising twist to your personality.

I eat about everything. Normally people who enjoy eating delicious food turn out to be great cookers, too. That’s because we tend to think about the ingredients in our food to try making it at home. That helps to improve our cooking skills. For me, I can’t really give up on delicious food, because it makes me so happy. So I work out as much as I eat!

Do you have any particular workouts that you do?

Long time ago, I used to do a lot of weight training. I lifted heavy weights that were too heavy for a girl like me. I can’t do that any more, so I recently started doing pilates. Whenever I’m sitting down, I try to make my belly area tense so that it helps me tighten up my abs. Then you don’t have to worry about doing other exercises, once this becomes a daily routine.   

There was a secret to your fit body all along. I also heard that you enjoy playing active and extreme sports. Is that true?

Yes. Whenever I want to do something, I do it immediately. For example like snowboarding and car racing. It feels so nice when I can feel the speed while snowboarding down hills and racing on car tracks. I’ve also tried scuba diving, horseback riding, etc. I have tried about everything now and there isn’t much I want to do anymore.

Wow. A sports player and an awesome cook…? This is something I didn’t expect. I’m curious to what you do on a normal day basis. What do you do during your spare time?

I enjoy eating delicious meals, and from time to time go on vacations. It’s unfortunate, though, that people don’t really recognize me in public. People say that I look different on TV and real life. Last time when I was at the Busan International Film Festival, Director Bong Joon-Ho and some actors didn’t recognize me, too. Only Jeon Do Yeon, a female actress, recognized me. I bet she wouldn’t have known if we met somewhere else. Overall, I spend a lot of time watching movies at home on my spare time, because it is very soothing.

Now that we are talking about movies, I think actors and actresses might have moments when they imagine playing a particular role when they see a movie. Was there a particular movie in your lifetime that made you become today’s actress, Lee Ji Ah?  

I haven’t had a movie that made me want to become an actress, but I did have movies that made me think about playing similar roles in the future. For example, Black Swan. Of course, I can’t have a beautiful body like Natalie Portman, but I thought it was a great movie while watching it. I also want to be an actress like Cate Blanchett who shows many transformations in her films.

You’ve been in many dramas and movies for acting, but what kind of an actress do you want to be remembered as?

I want to be an actress that’s remembered as an actress. It’s true that my career slowly began to fade as my personal life was exposed to the public. But I want to build my career again. It’s always exciting to try new things and challenge my limits to become a better actress. I want to dare, try and succeed. That’s why I played the role of a man ‘Snow Lotus’, and put on heavy freckle makeup in ‘The Relation of Face, Mind and Love’.

You are unafraid to try any roles given to you.

No, I’m not afraid of breaking down. This movie ‘Musudan’ requires me to put on a full camouflage makeup except for one scene, but that is completely fine with me, considering that I was okay with most ugliest freckle makeup in ‘The Relation of Face, Mind and Love’. I’m not praised for any of these looks, but I like that I’m able to try new things without being scared. I am thankful to have such opportunities, which lets me transform into many different characters and play their roles. This is a great asset to have as an actress.

If you can have any particular role for acting, what would it be?

If I’m given the opportunity to play any character I want, I’d love to try a crazy-uncontrollable role or even a crazy drama-queen role. I think that’d be a very fun experience. I want to continue challenging myself in various works and grow as an actress.

Source: Cosmopolitan Korea

Feature Editor 유미지 Yoo Mi Ji
Photographs by Mok Jung Wook
Hair 원종순 Won Jong Soon
Makeup 이숙경 Lee Sook Kyung
Stylist 박세준 Park Sae Joon
Assistant 구자민 Gu Ja Min