Apink Idol Son Na Eun shares her Personal Story of Becoming a Singer

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Beautiful Son Na Eun sets aside her busy schedule for a moment and travels to Hawaii for a photoshoot with Elle Korea. Read more about Son Na Eun and her short interview to discover what she has been experiencing as a young idol group member.

Gentle Whispering

Son Na Eun in Hawaii

Son Na Eun, in her golden age of twenty-three, looks more than just fantastic in her bare skin and no makeup. Her defenseless look down the deep blue ocean reveals her secretive and charming personality. Find more about Son Na Eun’s photoshoot in Hawaii with Elle Korea.

Apink Idol Son Na Eun - Hawaii - Elle Korea

Collaboration of Masha Reva and London’s fashion designer with the theme ‘floral garden’. Spangle neoprene sequin top and Masha Reva’s printed skirt from Thyren.

“Hawaii is all about the beautiful weather, I heard. The warm, sunny weather here is amazing.” – Son Na Eun, Member of Apink

As Son Na Eun walks down the beach in her comfortable shorts, she enjoys the lovely summer breeze soothing her soul and body. Son Na Eun, unlike most Korean girls of her age, is very mature, calm and responsible. She tends to plan things ahead of time so that there’s less risk taking.

“I can be hard to approach at first, because I tend to be cautious before trusting anyone. But once we’re passed the icebreaker, I’m all in – I do everything for my close acquaintances.” – Son Na Eun

Son Na Eun is a brave young girl who is very thoughtful and caring.

As she once dreamt of becoming an artist, Son Na Eun describes how she was greatly influenced by Van Gogh’s paintings before her debut. Her fascination towards art never seemed to seize until, even now, receiving an offer from the entertainment agencies. Son Na Eun’s personal story of becoming a singer is one similar to those common anecdotes of many celebrities – randomly stopping by the agency due to a friend or family who was auditioning, etc.

“At first, I told them I couldn’t do it, but the agency convinced my mom that we should chase two rabbits at once (Korean idiom). So my schedule went from going to school, art academy, and dancing and practicing in my parking lot. When my debut drew close, though, I realized that my body could not handle everything. That’s when I gave up on art. This was something I could do on my free time whereas becoming a singer was a whole new story. I decided to focus on what was happening right before my eyes.” – Son Na Eun

Apink Idol Son Na Eun - Hawaii - Elle Korea

Printed denim jacket from Thyren. White top from stylist’s collection.

Apink Idol Son Na Eun - Hawaii - Elle Korea

Feminine artwork H-line sleeveless one piece dress from Thyren.

Apink Idol Son Na Eun - Hawaii - Elle Korea

Chemical lace material blouse and flared skirt/shorts from Thyren.

Apink Idol Son Na Eun - Hawaii - Elle Korea

Flared back striped shirt and cropped pants from Thyren.

Apink Idol Son Na Eun - Hawaii - Elle Korea

Unique patchwork silhouette one piece dress from Thyren.

Apink’s ‘innocent and fairy-tale like’ concept reminds us with the nostalgic times of 90’s ‘Finkl’, a first generation idol girl-group. The popularity of the group continues to increase, and Son Na Eun, known to be the prettiest member of Apink, now departs to Hawaii for her photoshoot. Here, Son Na Eun’s airport fashion and Instagram selfies immediately became a hot issue for 3 days on the main portal site.

“I was really surprised, because it hasn’t even been a month since I made the account. It’s amazing to know that there are many people out there who know of me and care about me. But honestly, I’m kind of worried about the ‘other’ comments I’ll be receiving, too.” – Son Na Eun

The entertainment industry is a harsh world that brings many challenges to these young singers. Apink receives thousands and thousands of comments while performing on stage and taking numerous photoshoots every day, and not every feedback is positive.

“Hayoung from Roommate (Korean TV program) used to tell me that I moan in my sleep. I didn’t even know I was doing that.” – Son Na Eun

That shows how Son Na Eun is constantly worrying, even in her sleep. However, her fans keep her moving on this journey to success. “When I go to my performances, I look forward to meeting my fans who always wait for me to give me letters or gifts. The hand written letters are the best. Sometimes, they even make me cry because their words are so sweet and caring. I save all the pictures, gifts, and letters and read them when I’m feeling down. It really helps me overcome my difficulties.”

After her bittersweet vacation in Hawaii, her busy idol-life continues in South Korea. Apink’s ‘Book Me Tour Concert’ and similar events are waiting for her, as she is planning to start a new drama called ‘Cinderella and 4 Reporters’, which will be airing soon. Son Na Eun’s continuous works and performances on stage will bring many more exciting news on plate in both K-Pop and K-Dramas.

Apink Idol Son Na Eun - Hawaii - Elle Korea

Embroidered neckline jacket from Thyren.

Apink Idol Son Na Eun - Hawaii - Elle Korea

Detailed print spring coat and flared skirt from Thyren. White top from stylist’s collection.

Son Na Eun in Hawaii – Behind the Scenes

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Source: Elle Korea

Photographer 장덕화 Jang Deok Hwa
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