1 Sheet Mask per Day: 4 Weeks Project! Choose the RIGHT facial mask for your your skin condition

How your monthly cycle affects your skin causing wrinkles, oiliness and spots. But you CAN beat it – and here’s how. Check out the various facial sheet masks that will help reduce skin irritation during your menstrual cycle with Elle Magazine.  
Be moisturized, elastic, and bright…

1 Sheet Mask per Day: 4 Weeks Project!

1 Day 1 Mask skin care is becoming a very popular skin care system. What is the correct way to choose the right facial mask?”

– Elle Korea Magazine

Women face changes in their skin condition during their menstrual cycle. Once your period ends, it feels like your skin is clearing up, and right before it begins, you are dealing with uncontrollable acne! That’s right. Our skin conditions heavily depend on our hormones during the menstrual cycle. Take a look at the graph below.

Graph V1

1-7 days: Tender Skin
7-14 days: Golden Skin
14-21 days: Oily Skin
21-28 days: Dry Skin

Don’t just follow the recent trend of putting on 1 facial mask per day. You need to find the right facial mask that provides the right necessities that fit your skin type. Take a look at the different types of masks that might help you during your menstrual cycle!

1st week

Your skin experiences the ‘worst’ condition that gradually starts to improve later. This is caused by a hormone called prostaglandin, which causes contractions in the uterine walls during menstruation. In this case, you need to select a mask that helps with moisturizing and reproducing the skin. The blood circulations and metabolism rates are not active during this period, so you might get dark circles under your eyes. Try wearing an eye patch to remove the dark circles and make the skin moist.

Keywords: Skin reproduction, moisturizing, promote recovery, regenerate enhancement, blood circulation, relieve swelling


Day 1

Day 1 ‘Pig Skin Collagen Gel Jelly Sheet Mask’ is highly enriched in collagen to restore suppleness, even skin tone for glowing, radiant skin, 45,000 KRW, Holika Holika.

Day 2Day 2 ‘Water Volume EX Mask’ delivers concentrated hydration, leaving skin soft, smooth and super-moisturized, 4,ooo KRW, Mizon.

Day 3Day 3 ‘Genifique Second Skin Mask’ combines complex and expertise in bio-cellulose technology, and it treats your skin to a new kind of indulgence, x6 119,000 KRW, Lancome.
Day 4 MaskDay 4
‘Real Barrier Extreme Cream Mask’ refines and firms the weakened skin barrier, 3,000 KRW, Atopalm.

Day 5Day 5 ‘MasCream Sheet’ contains cream that feels like applying a whole jar of cream, 2,000 KRW, The Face Shop.

Day 6Day 6 ‘Red Gingseng Cream-In-Mask’ is a highly nutritious moisturizing mask to cultivate healthy skin moisturizing and elasticity to the skin moist given, x5 40,000 KRW, Donginbi.

Day 7Day 7 ‘Daily Return Mask’ contains centella extracts that help heal skin injuries, relieves skin, and let’s it reproduce, 6,000 KRW, Wonjin Cellcera.

2nd week

The amount of sebum secretion is appropriate at this time and sebum concentration becomes homeopathic, which increases the skin’s immunity and gloss level. It’s better to squeeze any acne found. The recovery of the skin is fast and scars will be gone. I’d either recommend the ‘melting and removing keratin’ or ‘accelerating turnover’ functioning sheet masks for facial, and anything that includes pores and anti-wrinkle skin care. In order to discharge  waste effectively, put a steam towel over your face for about 5 minutes and then apply the face mask.

Keywords: Turnover, keratin removal, deep cleansing, discharge waste, functional component

Day 8Day 8 ‘Cleansing Un Deux Spa Mask’ helps with pore cleansing and supplying moisture, 10,000 KRW, Agatha.

Day 9Day 9 ‘Brightening Sparkling Water Peeling Mask’ contains AHA, BHA, and fresh carbon that makes skin brighter and moisturized, x3 12,000 KRW, Laneige.

Day 10Day 10 ‘Cellpium Vampire Cleansing Mask’ removes sebum and waste, and provides deep cleansing, x5 20,000 KRW, Cellpium.

Day 11Day 11 ‘Antioxidant Activeessence Sheet Mask’ contains high concentrations of antioxidants and anti-aging active ingredients, x7 70,000 KRW, Davi.

Day 12Day 12 ‘Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3 Step Program’ that effectively removes deep rooted blackheads, 25,000 KRW, Innisfree.

Day 13Day 13 ‘2 in 1 Propolis Energy Ampule Mask’ contains concentrated Propolis extract known for its antioxidant qualities to improve skin’s vitality, x5 19,000 KRW, CNP.

Day 14Day 14 ‘Detox Diva Mask’ helps to minimize pores, absorb impurities and protect from toxins and free-radicals without removing your skin’s essential natural oils, 6,000 KRW, MaskerAide.

3rd week

This is the ovulation phase. While the progesterone secretion developing sebaceous glands increase, your skin condition will become worse. Then sebum secretion and skin temperature will rise together and cause dry skin. The solution to relieving dry skin is to take care of the sebum near irritated areas. Because when progesterone increases, it causes more spots and freckles. Therefore, brightening sheet masks will help significantly with this skin type.

Keywords: moisturization, sebum care, prevent color pigmentation, skin tone-up, brightening

Day 15Day 15 ‘Whitening Solution Mask’ contains whitening care components such as vitamin C, (Licorice) Root Extract, and Arbutin give brighter and clearer skin, 3,300 KRW, Dewytree.

Day 16Day 16 ‘White Extreme 3D Black Mask’ creates bright and radiant skin, x6 60,000 KRW, O Hui.

Day 17Day 17 ‘Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution Mask’ contains cellulose fiber that deeply hydrates, replenishes, and protects skin’s own moisture, x5 20,000 KRW, Dr.Jart+.

Day 18Day 18 ‘Aqua Bomb Sheet Mask’ gives immediate cooling and moisturizing effect, x5 30,000 KRW, Belif.

Day 19Day 19 ‘Heartleaf Houttuynia Skin Fit Mask’ provides a deep moisturizing effect, 4,500 KRW, Mamonde.

Day 20Day 20 ‘Essential Enriched Mask’ contains pearl protein that moisturizes and brightens the skin , x3 11,000 KRW, Jung Saem Mool.

Day 21Day 21 ‘BIO Essence Mask’ contains Bio-redox compounds, primes skin condition to an optimal state, x5 25,000 KRW, Iope.

4th week

This is the premenstrual week where progesterone secretion is at the peak. You become depressed and non energetic for no reason.The sebum secretion becomes voracious and irritations erupt, and weakened skin becomes easily irritated by even the smallest things. You must use oil-free products! No matter how dry your skin is, it’s better to avoid oily products and to promote metabolism, while finger massaging the face (acupressure treatment) with the sheet mask over your skin.

Keywords: Relieve irritations, oil-free, promote metabolism, hypoallergenic

Day 22Day 22 ‘Seal’s Beauty Secret Mask’ gives extensive moisturizing effect and soothes the skin from dry weather, 4,500 KRW, Beyond.

Day 23Day 23 ‘Revital and Activating Original Source Mask’ provides immediate moisturizing effect , x5 50,000 KRW, Allvit.

Day 24Day 24 ‘Hydrogel Mask’ relieves and rejuvenates skin, x5 20,00 KRW, Primera.

Day 25Day 25 ‘Gokujyun Mask’ is a super hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask, 4,000 KRW, Hadalabo.

Day 26Day 26 ‘Real Nature Cucumber Mask Sheet’ has abundant vitamins and minerals that help the skin absorb hydration better, 2,000 KRW, Nature Republic.

Day 27Day 27 ‘Essential Snail Sheet Mask’ contains  improve skin elasticity, boosting vitality, and prevent skin damage, 1,000 KRW, About Me.

Day 28Day 28 ‘Skin Fit Mask, Lotus’ is designed to fit so well and close to your skin that it is as if the flower petals themselves are wrapped softly around your skin, 4,500 KRW, Mamonde.

Source: Elle Korea

Photo courtesy of DR.JART+

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