VIP K-Beauty Class Now Available to Look Younger Without Surgery

Aiming to look younger without surgery? Korean dermatologists can do wonders to your skin. Now they have a new Thermage CPT medical service, which will ultimately renew your anti-aging skin. Read more about the VIP joint beauty class by Suwon Dermatology L3 Clinic and Bausch & Lomb South Asia Inc. with Khan News.

VIP k-beauty class brings back beautiful and anti-aging skin

Suwon Dermatology L3 Clinic- Bausch & Lomb South Asia Inc. Joint ‘VIP Beauty Class’

Last 16 February, Suwon Dermatology L3 Clinic held a joint VIP beauty class with Bausch & Long South Asia Inc. regarding  Thermage CPT medical services.  

At that event, the representative director of L3 Clinic Um Kyung Mo provided Thermage CPT demonstrations and various beauty related information. The class was divided into two parts: consulting attendees about anti-aging skin and flower art lecture, which took about two hours.

This VIP beauty class is announced 5 to 6 times each year, as Bausch & Lomb South Asia Inc. target only special hospitals certified with Thermage CPT Master Training, to start talking about new medical services. The first L3 Clinic class was opened in 2016. Thermage CPT is a medical device recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which applies heat on the skin for nonsurgical lifting, wrinkle and firmness improvement effect.

“The space of the hospital is not just treating external cuts, but rather a place for both external and internal healing. Through our intensive and in-depth VIP beauty class with Bausch & Lomb South Asia Inc., I want to successfully deliver information about anti-aging skin and other beauty relevant information”,

– L3 Clinic’s Director Um Kyung Mo.

Source: Khan News


Jihee Park

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