At Age 30, Actress Shin Min Ah Talks about Her Life After”Oh My Venus”

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Our beautiful actress Shin Min Ah makes another great appearance in her striking March 2016 photoshoot with Cosmopolitan Korea. Read more to find out what Shin Min Ah has to say about her career building and many more that might surprise you!

Shin Min Ah Speaks.

Almond eyes, apple cheeks and cherry eyes. Actress Shin Min Ah is a package full of love, cute, and sexy all together. Her irresistible beauty does not withhold.

Shin Min Ah - Cosmopolitan KoreaWink & Humming
Naughty wink that melts everyone’s soul
Dress 3,010,000 KRW from Fendi, and earrings (price undecided) from Jewel County.

Shin Min Ah - Cosmopolitan Korea

Bohemian Rhapsody
Colorful print for this spring’s Bohemian style.
Dress, belt, lace up boots (price undecided) all from Marc Jacobs, rings (price undecided) from Jewel County, and bandanna 78,000 from Instant Punk.

Shin Min Ah - Cosmopolitan Korea

Unique Passion
Perfect lace and camouflage earth tones.
Camouflage jumper (price undecided) from Yves Saint Laurent, and dress (price undecided) from Chloe.

Shin Min Ah - Cosmopolitan Korea

Tomboy in Flower
Cute and beautiful flower embroidered dress.
Scarf 6,000,000 KRW, dress (price undecided), and sneakers 3,200,000 KRW all from Valentino,  scarf and necklace (price undecided) all from Dior.

Shin Min Ah - Cosmopolitan Korea

Love in your heart
Adorable and shy girl full of excitement
Dress 2,400,000 KRW Vetements at Mui. Bangle (price undecided) from Jewel County.


When you become 30, there are many questions that make you think about who you are, where you belong, etc. How did you feel when you turned 30 years old?

I started my career at a very young age, and I’ve been having similar worries even in my twenties. I wasn’t sure where this career was taking me. There were many ups and downs. But all these experiences helped me to become who I am today: a stronger and mature individual. Because life is full of mysterious adventures, having a full hands-on experience helped me to gain a valuable lesson. We have our own paths to follow, and believing in ourselves firmly will help us to achieve our goals.

If you can give one advice to your past 20 year old Shin Min Ah, what would you tell her? To take things slowly?

Well nothing in particular. I think everything that has happened to me makes me who I am today. Although life was difficult back then, I’ve learned new things, to overcome hardships and value life. One thing I might want to tell myself in that past would be, ‘you are doing good through all the hard times and just keep up the good work.’

What is ‘love’? How much does love take place in Shin Min Ah’s life?

I think love is the most important thing in life. ‘Love’ in life means ‘strength in life’. Maybe that’s why people look more beautiful when they fall in love. People who are in love are full of happy thoughts, positive goals, and confidence, which makes them become a beautiful person.

Is Shin Min Ah happy right now?

Yes. I am happy. (Smirks)

This might sound a little cheesy, but would you describe yourself as happy right now?

Hmm, I don’t think there is anyone who is not happy with their lives. I am happy, of course. But everyone, including myself, find it difficult to find happiness at the right moments in life. For example, fortunate things can mean unfortunate things to others and vice versa. It all depends on the way we think and believe in ourselves. Sometimes being too focused on your worries can blind you from seeing the good things. I was like that in my twenties – trapped in a hole full of worries. So basically, I think you need to accept your past and current self to become truly happy and enjoy what life has to offer you.


Source: Cosmopolitan Korea