Interview with Korea’s Body Mentor, Actress Kim Jung Min

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Kim Jung Min who started her career as a child actress now becomes Korea’s huge body mentor. Korean women in their twenties and thirties are calling her as their ‘wannabe star’. Read more about her healthy life routines and strength building with Cosmopolitan Korea.

Interview with Korea’s Body Mentor Kim Jung Min

Actress Kim Jung Min has went beyond just steadily exercising and eating healthy diets for getting her body in proper shape. She is now studying human body parts to become a professional athlete.

Here’s an exclusive interview with Korea’s body mentor, Kim Jung Min.

You recently starred in ‘Gag Concert’ and showed off your abs to everyone. I know that you’ve been complaining about your hard-to-get abs not becoming a hot issue, but actually you’ve been Korean women’s (ages 20~30) ‘wannabe star’ all along. Your Instagram posts have been a great motivation to many people out there.

I think it’s important to not just have a beautiful face, but also a beautiful and healthy body. That’s why I exercise on a day-to-day basis. Running the show ‘Get It Beauty’ has made people remember me as a beauty mentor, but now I’m happy to see that they also remember me as a healthy beauty star.

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What do you consider as a beautiful body?

I basically prefer slim bodies. And the overall posture of the body needs to be straight. For example, having an S-line waist does not mean that you have a good body, because your back could be bent. That’s not a healthy body. I think a beautiful body is when you look at it from all angles and it is straight. Having some muscles can make it look healthier, too.

Actress Kim Jung Min Cosmopolitan Korea

In order to create that type of body and maintain it, what type of exercises do you do?

Since my first debut as an actress, working out and going to the gym was always on my priority to-do list. I did all kinds of exercises at the gym. But it all depended on my teacher and the different equipments I used while working out. Two years ago, I was offered a ‘functional exercise’ class, which was very systematic and I began to see immediate results. Ever since I started this exercise, I didn’t go back to my other exercise routines. I solely focused on my posture, breathing, and speed alike to correct it from the beginning. Now I am working on exercises to strengthen my core every day to improve my balance. But when I have photoshoots coming up, I lift weights by increasing the number of repetitions. I do this without resting. I also engage in bare skin exercises quite often because I enjoy using a lot of equipments.

Can you explain how bare-skin exercises are done?

It’s just reducing the risk of injury by using functional tools or small equipments, and exercising specific body parts to increase muscle strength. I like to have volume in my upper body so I use heavier equipments when I do weight training there. But I tend to use smaller equipments for my lower body because I want to prevent any big muscles from forming. And you know, slow-motion strength training is actually harder than fast weight training. Then you repeat the routine until you feel the knot. It feels like your muscles are ripping apart, which makes it so very distressful. But make sure to remember, you need to overcome that pain and recover fully to have a beautiful body. Our authentic workout times are actually shorter than you think. It takes about an 1 hour, and about 2 hours if you combine the stretch times before and after class. Make sure that your body sweats and becomes warm during aerobic exercises. I personally don’t like running on the treadmill, so I like to run outdoor at Han River or do crossfit training for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Actress Kim Jung Min Cosmopolitan Korea

Was there a huge transformation after working out that much?

Yes. My stamina has gotten better, of course, and small muscles began to form and my posture became better. Without any immediate expectations, my abs formed on my belly and muscles in the lower hip area became visible, too. I’m very satisfied with my volumized body, which doesn’t sag anymore. My stress level went down and I became more positive. I believe that when you exercise, your body and mind communicates with each other. If I become stressed out and cannot do the exercise properly, I try to control it so that it fits my body condition. That made me use my other body parts more efficiently. If you know how each body parts function, you can find which types of exercises can make your body work better. That will help you find the right exercise, which will transform your body more beautifully.


Original Source: Cosmopolitan Korea

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