Get Healthy and Fit Bodies like Cosmic Girls’ Xuan Yi, SeolA and Eunseo

Have you heard of WooJoo Girls aka Cosmic Girls? It means ‘girls of star planet’. This new Chinese-South Korean 12-member idol group will make their first debut this year and it is already becoming an issue. Check out their ‘how to get new idol’s fit bodies’ with Marie Claire Korea!

How to get New Idol “Cosmic Girls” Fit Bodies

Everyone wanted paper-thin bodies before, but ever since Sistar (K-Pop Girl Group) appeared with their sexy looks, healthy bodies became popular. What’s the next body icon then? The new idol group, “WooJoo Girls” aka Cosmic Girls brought to you by the same agency as Sistar, is becoming the new idols on the block to watch out for. Their debuts for K-Pop’s next generation hot bodies are being revealed now.

Cosmic Girls Xuan Yi Cosmoplitan Korea

Born with slender body, but fat in her abdomen requires abdominal exercise (no diet).

“I’m working up my abs!” – Xuan Yi

Your debut is right around the corner, but how are you taking care of your body?

My body doesn’t get fat very easily, so I don’t need to worry about losing weight. Instead I do a lot of ab workouts, because there’s fat in my abdomen area. I’m aiming for a robust body rather than a thin one, so I’m doing a lot of strength training.

There might be some changes in your food diet…

My debut is right around the corner so I try to stay away from eating junk food and midnight snacks. When I’m really exhausted, I usually eat almonds. Everytime I chew an almond, the crunchy sound relieves my stress and makes me feel full and satisfied.

You are very strong considering that you practice from night to morning.

I actually have a harder time restraining myself from chocolates than having food. Eating sweet things always helped me to relieve stress and refresh my mind, but not having any of them in my system is just torture… But I’m going to wait because my debut is coming near.

What would be your best body feature?

My members tell me that my body proportion is good. That might be the reason why I hear many compliments about looking taller than my actual height. They also tell me that I have long and pretty legs. I think that’s because I used to dance a lot when I was young.

Who was your ‘wannabe’ body icon?

I think my role model would be Hyuna from 4Minute with her lovely S-line, which I love!

Cosmic Girls SeolA Cosmoplitan Korea

To look good in any clothes, working out will create a slim waistline.

“I’m stretching to overcome my body’s disadvantages” – SeolA

The countdown has begun. What can you say is the most difficult part of your body line management?

I really love drinking cafe lattes, but my trainer banned me from drinking them. It used to be my life savior whenever I was on a diet. But these days, I’m only drinking americanos, which is very bitter. Right now can be one of the saddest moments with no caffe lattes next to me.

That’s still incredible. How do you manage your food diet?

Because there’s only so much time before our debut, our practice hours have increased too. My body’s been feeling really overwhelmed. So I normally eat chicken breast, onions, pepper, sweet potatoes and things alike that can make me feel full and satisfied. But when I become really hungry, I eat the white yolk of an egg with almond for a snack instead of anything sweet.

You’re practicing all day long, sweating and eating low calorie food, but is it really necessary that you work out?

Of course. You can’t avoid losing weight when you dance, but working out helps you to maintain your good body features and lose the unwanted ones. Once I make my debut, the camera’s going to capture every detail of my body and I want to do my best so that I look great. There is a huge difference when you work out and don’t work out to encapsulate a perfect, healthy fit body.

What is the most important exercise for you?

I can’t neglect any body exercises, but I’ve been heavily focused on stretching my pelvic waistline with all my heart and soul.  It’s my most confident area… So I tend to wear a lot of tight tops to emphasize my S-line. (haha)  

What is 80% of your body’s secret?  

I think self-confidence? When you work out diligently and control your food diet, I think all your hard work and effort creates confidence. So I’m going to try my best until I make the most perfect body. Fighting!  


Cosmic Girls Eunseo Cosmoplitan Korea

Put all efforts on muscular training and fixing posture. Goal is to look slim & healthy.

“I reduced my normal food amount to 1/3” –  Eunseo

Your legs are very long, slim and straight. Especially your calves, they are beautiful!

Thank you for the compliment. I am the tallest member in our group, so I’ve been hearing that a lot from my agency members. We have a lot of photoshoots now, because our debut is right around the corner and the stylists have been delegating me to wear short pants all the time.

I feel like you are so skinny that you don’t have to worry about losing weight.

In reality I may look thin, but on camera I could look bigger. So I am trying really hard to keep my body slim and robust. Not to even mention, focusing on fixing my posture every day and dieting if I feel fat. But this is actually harder than you think.

I guess your body secret was being alert every single day.

These days, I’m practicing my choreography dances all day long, so I don’t need to spend more time on aerobic exercises. Instead, I do more muscular training on the side to maintain my fit body. For our food diets, we cut down to one third of our normal food amount and we only eat healthy things. Our debut is right around the corner!

You don’t seem like you’d eat a lot, but it’s amazing that you cut down your food intake to one third.

I enjoy going on food tours and eating until I can’t breathe. But I’ve been eating so much chicken breasts that I think everything is going to taste like chicken. (haha).

What would be another secret?

I drink water very often and eat large amounts of fruit, which probably equals to about three normal meals. And increasing my food intake has made my skin look much better and also eating less junk food. That helped a lot with my diet.

Source: Cosmopolitan Korea