Wondering how to get intense bright hair color? Koreans use Wella Korea’s Hair Dye!

Have you heard of Wella Korea’s new ILLUMINA Color? This semi-permanent color gloss will provide your hair with the perfect shine and tone without damaging your hair. If you are ever wondering how Koreans are always changing their hair color and how amazing it is, it’s all in the power of Wella Korea’s hair dye as Korean salons’ #1 choice of hair coloring brand. Spring is right around the corner, so make sure to test out these new colors!

Wella Korea releases their new innovative product “ILLUMINA Color”

Wella Korea is a leading professional hair salon and market brand that is launching their new innovative hair product called ‘ILLUMINA Color’ for incredible luminous hair.

ILLUMINA Color from Wella Professionals is considered as the most luxurious cosmetic hair product in South Korea. This global brand provides rich colors and increased luminosity of up to 70% with more light reflection and superior hair protection. That is, the level of luminosity in hair is retained, or slightly increased, even after multiple dyes without damaging the hair. The use of ‘Microlight Technology’ also protects the hair roots and cuticles (the transparent outer layer of the hair) from any impurities so that it remains healthy.

“People who dyes hair regularly and suffers from damaged hair or scalp will definitely benefit from ILLUMINA Color. The super conditioning effect provided by ILLUMINA Color will help protect undamaged hair, decrease hair damage by 50%, optimize protection (x3), and give more luminosity,” says Wella Korea Marketing Manager.

ILLUMINA Color comes in 5 different shades highly preferred by Korean women. They are romantic blue-violet like mysterious orchids (Illumina Orchid), aqua blue like fresh blue water (Illumina Ocean), sensual greige like a beautiful skin (Illumina Nude), milk beige like soft sand (Illumina Safari), and lovely coral pink like the bright coral reef (Illumina Coral).

Find a Wella Professionals certified salon near you, and the new ILLUMINA Color will promise you bright and luminous hair for this upcoming spring!


About Wella Professionals

Wella Professionals (www.wellakorea.co.kr) is a professional salon brand that specializes in hair care, styling, and colorants sold to individuals as well as hairdressers. Founded in 1880 by Franz Stroher, Wella has been delivering continuous innovations and services to hairdresser’s creativity – i.e. premium experience and luminous, younger-looking hair.
Original source: Kim Doori from Newsen Korea

*This is not a promotional post. 

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