Try out the new MISSHA Lighting Tone Up Base SPF30 PA++

The all new 2016 MISSHA Lighting Tone Up Base comes in 3 pastel colors – peach, violet and mint! It is every girl’s dream to have flawless-looking skin, and these lovely tone up bases can make your dreams come true. The secrets to having glowing skin and perfect makeup is revealed here. 

All three Lighting Tone Up Bases have these base properties as part of their formula:

1. Creates a brighter, more even skin tone and complexion
The illuminating formula that makes the skin look much brighter.

2. Sets up your skin’s hydration level before makeup
The addition of ‘moisture keeping powder’ increases the hydration level that eases the application of any makeup onto the skin.

3. Longer-lasting wear past 9-5pm
The long wearing polymer holds the foundation/BB tightly in place.

Try each tone before applying foundation to see what fits your skin type best!


MISSHA Lighting Tone Up Base SPF30 PA++MISSHA Lighting Tone Up Base SPF30 PA++MISSHA Lighting Tone Up Base SPF30 PA++

Main Ingredients

  • Includes baobab tree extract
  • Includes snow lotus extract
  • Several water-binding agents to help skin retain moisture
  • Adds a brightening effect to the skin

Color Guide – Peach, Violet or Mint

MISSHA Lighting Tone Up Base SPF30 PA++
MISSHA Lighting Tone Up Base SPF30 PA++


Color Pigments – Before & After

MISSHA Lighting Tone Up Base SPF30 PA++

Directions – How to use 

After you wash your face, gently apply the Lighting Tone Up Base onto the skin and proceed with the next step of putting on BB or Foundation.


To create a perfect base of your skin, use your finger or a sponge puff to rub and spread the base evenly on the skin.

MISSHA Lighting Tone Up Base SPF30 PA++** The above picture uses peach tone up base.

Recommended to:

– For individuals with dull skin tones, unsatisfied with foundation/cushion/BB cream usage alone.

– For those who still haven’t found the right makeup base that fits your skin.

– For those looking for a hydrating and brightening makeup base.

Have you tried this yet?

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This is not a promoted post. Original product information found on Missha Korea’s website.

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