Choi Ji Woo and 6 More Celebs Share their Secret to Youthful Skin

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What exactly is a Korean essence used for? First of all let’s get this straight, it’s not a toner or a serum. Korean stars can’t go a day without using an essence, a lightweight product that is applied to the entire skin for hydrating the skin with high concentrations of active ingredients and nutrients. Find more about k-beauty and popular essences endorsed by top Korean actresses right here!

Re:NK Cell to Cell Essence

Everyone wants these popular essences signed by beautiful actresses. Here are a selection of some admirable Korean top celebrities who have been inspired and empowered to share their successful life stories of using Cell to Cell Essence.

Choi Ji Woo - RE:NK Cell to Cell Essence

The Most Beautiful Actress, Choi Ji Woo

Choi Ji Woo had her hands full last year, being actively engaged in many works. Choi Ji Woo was featured in ‘Three Meals a Day’ demonstrating her sufficient cooking skills, and gained popularity in ‘Grandpas over Flowers’ with her pure and innocent personality. Choi Ji Woo’s beautiful appearance and great acting skills in ‘Second Time Twenty Years Old’ was beyond amazing. Now she has put aside her past nickname ‘Queen of Tears’ and will begin sharing her beautiful life story with Marie Claire Korea in this exclusive interview:

After releasing your recent movie ‘Like Me’, what have you been up to lately?

I’ve been trying to spend my spare time doing something productive. For example, traveling. I tend to travel right after completing a film. When I go on vacation away from home, the quiet and peaceful atmosphere helps me to relax and recharge my energy. But at other times, I don’t mind backpacking to places where I can walk all day long. It allows me to value what I have back home including the people I love – my family, friends, colleagues and fans. They support and motivate me unconditionally, and that makes me who I am today.

For someone who is perfect in every possible way, when can you describe the most transformational moment in your life?

Well, I am not a superstar when it comes down to me and just myself. I think every opportunity is a time to transform and learn new things. When I put forth new opportunities, different character roles, and hardships to overcome, I never give up, but rather work harder. The people I have met along the way are still a big part of my life.

When I saw you in the latest Korean drama ‘Second Time Twenty Years Old’, I was awestruck by your perfect appearance and healthy skin. Can’t believe you are in your forties! Do you have any secret beauty tips?

There is nothing in particular… I just pay close attention to my basic skincare routines. I can’t stress enough how important it is to properly cleanse and give moisture to your face. Even when I don’t put on makeup, I always make sure to wash my face thoroughly. Then I put on my moisturizing night cream before going to bed to keep my skin moist the next day. And always remember, using facial masks (once or twice a week) can help even out your skin tone. Overall, these are my basic skincare routines and one other secret tip would be using the Cell to Cell Essence twice before and after your toner. Just make sure to spread it onto both the face and neck area evenly.

As Re:NK’s brand model, what do you think of Cell to Cell Essence?

This Cell to Cell Essence reminds me of an oasis. It is a highly functional and anti-aging product that provides plenty of moisture to my skin. The essence also provides anti-wrinkle effects. I can’t imagine going a day without using this essence, which makes me feel refreshed all day long.

Choi Ji Woo - RE:NK Cell to Cell Essence

“Healthy skin comes with having good skin care routines. It is important that you properly cleanse, moisturize, put on facial masks, and apply Cell to Cell Essence. You will be surprised by the results you find the next day – refreshed and healthy skin.”

– Choi Ji Woo, Actress

Choi Ji Woo - RE:NK Cell to Cell Essence

Choi Ji Woo - RE:NK Cell to Cell Essence

Choi Ji Woo’s secret tip for using Cell to Cell Essence

1. Removing that puffy face look in the morning

Sometimes you find that your face is puffy in the morning, and you just don’t know what to do about it. But don’t worry. The ‘Time Lab Intensive Age Renewal Eye Lift’ can help you fix that problem. Take the Eye Lift and apply it around the eyes using a ceramic applicator. The eyes usually take a little longer for the swelling to go away, so adding an extra amount of the Eye Lift will do the trick. Lastly, apply the Cell to Cell Essence near the eyes and cheekbone area to reduce swelling; it will enhance blood circulation.
Choi Ji Woo - RE:NK Cell to Cell Essence

2. Applying the right amount of essence

You need to become familiar with the product itself. The essence needs to be evenly distributed onto your skin so that it supplements the right functions – moisturizing, elasticity, whitening, and reducing wrinkles of the skin. It is important that you make sure to wash your face thoroughly and use a cotton ball to apply the essence evenly on the face.

Choi Ji Woo - RE:NK Cell to Cell EssenceChoi Ji Woo - RE:NK Cell to Cell Essence


3. Home remedy for facial treatment

After each film and photoshoot, Choi Ji Woo does her own facial treatment at home at least once a week. She uses the Cell to Cell Luminous Real White Mask after applying the Cell to Cell Essence onto her face. This should take about 25 minutes. Finally, as you remove the facial mask from your face, apply the Cell to Cell Essence one more time.


Kang Joo Eun - RE:NK Cell to Cell Essence

Charismatic Beauty, Actress Kang Joo Eun

In a recent drama ‘What’s a Mom’ on TV Chosun, Kang Joo Eun was able to transform Choi Min Soo (known for the “tough guy hunter” image) into a completely different person – a romantic guy. Kang Joo Eun has been married for over 21 years to Choi Min Soo, and they have two sons named Yoo-Sung and Eugene. Kang Joo Eun is a beautiful woman who is more stunning when exposing her bare face. Kang Joo Eun says, “I really like Re:NK’s Cell to Cell Essence. This anti-aging product helps me with moisturizing, whitening and reducing wrinkles. I see immediate results when I put it on. It might be my first time using this essence, but I will surely continue to use it.”


Lee Ji Ae - RE:NK Cell to Cell Essence

Lovely Princess, Announcer Lee Ji Ae

The beauty queen of KBS, Announcer Lee Ji Ae, recently shared with us her innocent personality through ‘Channel A, Traveling with Friends’, but she is now daring to share with us her unfamiliar side – being unafraid to speak out and revealing her outgoing personality.

“Applying the Cell to Cell Essence right before bed makes my skin look healthier the next day. That starts my day with a big smile. There is a reason to why this is the best selling beauty product for women.”

– Lee Ji Ah, KBS Announcer

Kim So Hyun - RE:NK Cell to Cell Essence

Powerful Energizer, Musical Actress Kim So Hyun

Kim So Hyun is a musical actress who delivers powerful messages to her audience on stage. She immerses herself in the role completely, which allowed her to successfully play out the parts of French Queen Marie Antoinette, Austrian Empress Elizabeth, and Empress Myeongseong. Kim So Hyun states that it was an honor to become these admirable characters, even for just a moment.

“My skin is very sensitive, and it makes me become very picky when it comes down to choosing the right skin care. That makes me keener to finding softer skin products. I find the Cell to Cell Essence very useful because it has multiple purposes of keeping my skin healthy. This essence is something I can recommend to anyone.”

– Kim So Hyun, Musical Actress


Kim Sun Jin - RE:NK Cell to Cell Essence

Star of Korean Beauty, Kim Sun Jin

Kim Sun Jin is the representative of Chloé’s beauty boutique and the wife of Jo Min-Ki (Korean actor). She is considered as one of the first generation makeup artists who spent over 20 years doing the work. There is probably not one Korean celebrity who didn’t receive a makeup appointment from this legendary makeup artist. Kim Sun Jin says, “I always have my Cell to Cell Essence on my dressing table. Each season, I tend to switch up on my skincare products, but a bottom of Cell to Cell Essence always remain on my dressing table. It is something that I can’t replace with another product. With this essence, I can get rid of all my acne and skin problems, and, most of all, I don’t have to worry about UV radiation or sun tan during the summer.”

Woo Hyun Jeung - RE:NK Cell to Cell Essence

Proud Perfectionist, Makeup Artist Woo Hyun Jeung

The Makeup Artist Woo Hyun Jeung worked with many famous actresses such as Go Soyoung, Kim Ah Joong, Lim Soo Jung and many more. If you are a huge makeup fan, you would’ve at least once heard of Woo Hyun Jeung’s ‘4.4.8 method’, ‘honey gloss makeup’ and ‘cotton ball cleansing’. Woo Hyun Jeung says that women are always at their prime beauty, but they just don’t know it. Then you might ask, how does she take care of her skin? Well, that comes from having a good skin care routine.

Woo Hyun Jeung asks, “Aren’t you curious about this new Cell Technology Essence? Re:NK Cell to Cell Essence is a total anti-aging product that contains over one hundred million cells being extracted from three different kinds of plants that symbolize eternal immortality.”


Cha Hong - RE:NK Cell to Cell Essence

Inner Beauty Within, Hairstylist Cha Hong

Cha Hong who, a successful young hairstylist, is very popular among women across the country. When she first appeared in MBC’s “My Little Television”, Cha Hong’s popularity went up even more. That’s because her stunning beauty could be not be hidden behind lead actresses. Cha Hong believes that true beauty is not what we see, but it’s what we are in.

“I really like that lightweight, moisturizing texture that soaks through my skin. There is absolutely no irritation, and this essence provides nutrition as it travels softly and deeply into my skin. The greatest award in this world would be having luxurious skin.”  – Cha Hong, Hairstylist



Source: Marie Claire Korea

Editor: Kyung Hwa Park
Photography: Myeon Sung Kim (Product), Mun Hyuk Choi (Portrait)
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Makeup: Hyun Jung Ryu
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