Actress Kim Ha Neul Talks about her Fiance & Upcoming Wedding Details

Actress Kim Ha Neul goes to Hawaii with her fiance to take her first set of wedding photos and give an exclusive interview. From starting her career as a model to now a famous actress, she looks forward to another big transformation in her life: becoming a married woman. 

The Most Happiest Moments of Kim Ha Neul

Actress Kim Ha Neul returns with her beautiful wedding photoshoot with Marie Claire Korea, before her big day as the new March bride. Her happy and joyful moments are captured through the lens of their camera with her future soon-to-be husband.

Kim Ha Neul - Marie Claire KoreaDress from SOYOO Bridal. Veil from Bride and You, and earrings from Swarovski.

Kim Ha Neul - Marie Claire KoreaKim Ha Neul - Marie Claire KoreaColorful sleeve dress from LeBeige.


Kim Ha Neul - Marie Claire KoreaDress from SOYOO Bridal.

Kim Ha Neul - Marie Claire KoreaUnbalanced silk dress from LeBeige.

In the midst of cold winter, Kim Ha Neul traveled to Hawaii for a very special event: her wedding photoshoot. Her soon-to-be husband accompanied her. They were full of excitement, although they couldn’t help but worry about big storms (common around this time of the year). But upon their arrival, they were lucky to find the blazing sun shining upon their feet and thebreezy wind blowing their way. This was exactly what Kim Ha Neul and her fiance expected. Now they could enjoy the warm weather and capture every moment through the lens of their camera.

“Since I am an actress, I could’ve taken wedding photos prior to my real wedding. But interesting enough, that never occurred to me. This is my first experience, and I’m really excited for my personal wedding photoshoot. I can’t wait to see how they will turn out. I finally get the chance to enjoy this moment as any other woman out there and forget that I’m an actress. I will treasure these moments, all these pictures, and share them with my fans!”

Like she imagined, Kim Ha Neul’s wedding photoshoot had some mixed feelings. Some aspects of her shoot made it seem work-like, because she was posing for pictures all day long. Maybe the only difference was that Kim Ha Neul chose her own themes and her fiance was taking it with her. Everything was unfamiliar to her. Even to her fiance. But surprisingly, he did very well with the pictures and lightened the mood with jokes. He even became closer to the staff members who worked with Kim Ha Neul for a really long time. For someone who has the complete opposite personality of Kim Ha Neul, they are, in some weird way, perfect for each other. Kim Ha Neul finally opens up on her personal life and her thoughts on making her relationship public.

“My fiance loves being around people and meeting new friends. Before our trip to Hawaii, he told me that he didn’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable. He said that he would approach everyone first. That made me feel so relieved and comfortable.”

This is your first time in a photoshoot with your fiance, right? How did he respond when he saw you work?

At first, he was making fun of me while trying to copy my poses and facial expressions. But later I looked so good and professional that he wanted to give me a big hug. I just wish that he said it in front of others (laughs).  

Do you think you met someone with a similar personality?

Well, we seem a little different at first, but I think we are very similar in the way we think. For me, I really like someone who is bright and easygoing. But ever since high school and college, I didn’t have the chance to enjoy my youth because I had to work as an actress. When I was supposed to be enjoying my joyful youth with my friends, I was instead working in a competitive atmosphere in the acting industry. My existence here was very weak to survive alone. So I began to feel timid and hide my inner feelings. I think that made it really hard on me when I was still young. From then on, my personality began to change little by little. Maybe that’s why I became interested in people who are happy and bright all the time. It’s already been over a year since my fiance and I started to date, and I think there has been a lot of changes; I am starting to return to my brighter self.

Does your fiance think that you have changed as well?

Yes. He says that I am very different from when he first met me. Before, he saw a thorn on my face (Korean expression meaning pain). He shares this story with his friends all the time and  makes fun of how cheesy it was (laughs). But actually, I can’t thank him enough for recognizing my pain and suffering. I was deeply moved when he said that he wanted to help me overcome these problems. Over time, I was able to rediscover myself through him and his words. I am greatly blessed to have him in my life who is full of great energy.

Kim Ha Neul - Marie Claire Korea

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Is he close to being your ideal type?

It’s kind of embarrassing to say, but I actually have written about my ideal type a few years ago. (laughs) And it’s amazing how I met someone that really corresponds to my description. He is very bright, passionate, and loves to travel. It matches me so well.

During the photoshoot, I saw you have tears in your eyes when a staff member said ‘it now really feels like you are getting married’. What kinds of thoughts were going through your head?

It felt weird that I was really getting married all of the sudden. I had times when I got married in dramas, but this is my first and actual wedding. I can’t really explain why I was tearing up. Strangely, I always find myself crying when I go to a friend or relative’s wedding. Because I cry so much at other people’s weddings, I can’t imagine how much I am going to cry at my wedding. My fiance and I am already preparing ourselves to not make eye contact with our parents, because we know that’s going to make both of us tear up.

The idea of a ‘wedding’ is actually just the beginning of a bigger transformation. There are many things to adjust and roles to accept. Aren’t you kind afraid of that?

I’m not sure if being afraid is the right expression, but I think about whether or not I’d be able to do them well. If you take a look around, there are always the happy couples and unhappy couples after getting married. There could be hardships that we might not have predicted, and I just hope that we are able to make the right decisions. You know, I’ve been living as an actress for a really long time. I can now handle any problems by finding the right way out for that. But being married is something different and new. So I worry sometimes that we’d be able to find the right solutions to any problems. As of now, I just tell my fiance that ‘the husband needs to be good all the time’. (laughs) But I know, too, that I have to be a good wife as well. To have a happy family, we would have to put in a lot of effort. But I know imperfection is a natural part of life, and trying to make it perfect could become harder on the both of us. I’ve received so much care from my parents all my life, and the thought of starting a new chapter with my husband is entirely new to me. With our wedding right around the corner, I admit that I’m kind of worried.

What is your dream of an ideal husband and wife?

It’s nothing extravagant. I think if you really love someone, you should be able to live, just the two of you, even on a stranded island. And no matter what the circumstance is or how bad the situation becomes, as long as we are together, that shouldn’t be a problem. And that is what I expected in my ideal marriage.

There might be changes in your acting career after your marriage.

I’m not really sure. You know, marriage is just one of those natural things that happens to everyone. I really look forward to seeing that part of change in my life. I think having a family will make my acting become more stable. It’s not going to ruin the flow of my life, but rather enable me to live my life to the fullest.

Are you looking forward to other changes as well?

Director Kim Tae Yong is releasing a new movie called ‘School Mistress’. And the role I have in the movie is a character who is very non-energetic and always tired of life. It’s ironic that in real life, I was the opposite, getting ready for my wedding. Maybe that’s why I was able to choose this movie without hesitating. It would’ve been a hard choice if I was feeling sad. I can’t wait for my marriage and to see what lies ahead!

Are you almost done with your wedding planning?

We only have about a month left. I didn’t know there were so many things to plan for just one wedding. Now we have to design our invitation cards and pick out the right fonts. But the funny thing is, I always thought that I’d have a small and simple wedding. I wanted to keep it small and intimate before. But now, everything is different because my fiance wants to invite a lot of friends, which means we need to have a big wedding. So we became very busy with planning and it’s still in progress. I want to make it perfect for everyone so that they can have a great time.

I think you met someone who seems different yet very similar. What made you decide that he was the ‘one’? Or was there a special moment?

I think it’s both. I tend to hide my inner feelings deep inside. But he knew that immediately. He kept on making jokes after jokes to make me laugh. I wondered why he was doing this to me at first. I found out later that he was trying to show his sincere side by making funny jokes. Everything naturally flowed when deciding on our marriage. I couldn’t have been any happier without him.

Still marriage is different from dating. It’s more than just having one man enter your life, but rather his entire family entering your life.

I am actually very thankful to have met his family. I really love being around people. It’s just that I didn’t know how to truly express my feelings to others. This past Lunar New Year, when I had the chance to meet all of his family and relatives, it was one of the most happiest and meaningful moments we had with everyone.

Maybe you secretly wanted to have a normal life after all these years being an actress.

You’re right. His family never treats me differently, which I really like about them. They make me feel so much at home. I even had to do my duty and cut a lot of fruits at his house on Lunar New Year. My fiance was laughing continuously next to me, but I really enjoyed that fun, light atmosphere.

There was a whole new side of Kim Ha Neul revealed in this photoshoot. Especially because you don’t express your feelings quite often, being a public figure and all.

Maybe that’s because everyone was so supportive. My staff members were always being there to help me out with makeup and clothes, and also my fiance who helped bring out the brighter side in me. That probably had a huge impact to my performance in this photoshoot.

Kim Ha Neul - Marie Claire KoreaBelted dress of poly cotton material from LeBeige.


Kim Ha Neul - Marie Claire KoreaDress from SOYOO Bridal.

Kim Ha Neul - Marie Claire Korea

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Source: Marie Claire Korea

  • Editor: Park Min
  • Photography: Kim Wae-Mil
  • Hair: Kang Sung-Hee
  • Makeup: Suee
  • Styling: Choi Kyung Won
  • Reference: March 2016