Actress Kang So-Ra’s True Feelings Revealed in an EXCLUSIVE Interview

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Have you heard the latest news? Kang So-Ra has a comeback in her new March drama ‘Neighbors’ Lawyer Cho Deul-Ho’. This actress is known for her multiple talents in acting – from striking roles in horror-thriller movies to innocent, cute roles in mellow dramas. Check out Kang So-Ra’s exclusive interview and photoshoot with Marie Claire Korea.

Kang So-Ra: Makes Another Appearance

After completing her latest work, Kang So-Ra spent her time recharging her energy and staying current with the world. She then realized starting something new or making a great change will require a lot of effort, persistence, and motivation. While she was on break, Kang So-Ra was able to reflect a lot about herself and her current career path, which helped her to make small and continuous promises and goals for herself.

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In 2015, Kang So-Ra was starred in a Korean drama called ‘Warm and Cozy’, which mainly took place in Jeju Island. She was eager to play her role as Lee Jung-Joo, a bright and innocent country girl, and the success of this drama was tremendous. Kang So-Ra did an amazing job of remarkably transforming her previous dramas’ image of a ‘city girl’ to this ‘lovely country girl’. Her SNS (Social Networking Service) was full of happy and exciting pictures taken there.

“It never went over three months from ending one film to starting a new film. During those three months, I spent my time working on advertisements and taking photoshoots. And that made me reflect on everything in my life. I realized that I should be more true to myself and learn to express my emotions, not just on the television screen. So after completing ‘Warm and Cozy’, I decided to use my short break for traveling to Shanghai. Last September, for the first time in my life, I spent over two weeks traveling – one week in London and another week in Paris. Now I love traveling, especially when I am riding on a plane, there is nothing to worry while on it!”

Kang So-Ra began to make more traveling plans in Korea and even Japan. Meanwhile, she improved her selfies significantly (because Netizens have been criticizing her pictures), met up with friends at least five times a week, and expanded her network of people. At the Acting Award Ceremony last year, Kang So-Ra also received the ‘Best Acting Award’ and said, “It feels like I’m dreaming. For those dreaming of a sweet getaway for this upcoming holiday, you would definitely know what it feels like to ‘dream’.”

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After a long well-deserved break, Kang So-Ra now returns in a new March drama called ‘Neighbor’s Lawyer Cho Deul-Ho’. Kang So-Ra plays the role of a district lawyer named Lee Eun-Jo who works with Cho Deul Ho (Park Shin-Hye), another lawyer at the office. Lee Eun-Jo’s character is very different from Ahn Young-Yi from her previous drama ‘Misaeng’. Here, Lee Eun Jo barely gets admitted to a prestigious university and passes the bar at Judicial Research and Training Institute, unlike her previous smart, quick-wit character from ‘Misaeng’. There is no guarantee that this new drama will have popularity, but we know that Kang So-Ra’s amazing acting skills will draw many attention from her viewers. Her past experiences (i.e. ‘Sunny’, ‘Ugly Alert’, ‘Dr. Stranger’, ‘Misaeng’, and ‘Warm and Cozy’) are proof that Kang So-Ra is always determined, honest, and successful when playing her part.

“First, I really admire independent women. While filming ‘Sunny’, it was a big challenge to play out the role of Ha Choon-Hwa, who has great leadership skills and independent work ethics. Being Ha Choon-Hwa encouraged me to become like her, because I am the opposite of having an outgoing personality and having leadership skills in real life. I hope to have more opportunities in the future where I can learn more from a character. I’m sure that by doing so, it will help me to overcome my fears of being too confident and daring in my acting.”

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Kang So-Ra don’t like wasting her time. When she is free, Kang So-Ra keeps herself busy by walking to Han River, watching movies or performances, and going to exhibitions. She also enjoys checking out good restaurants and eating delicious food (seen in her SNS). It was to a point where people thought her Instagram account was made for
foodgram purposes.

“Food pictures? I haven’t uploaded them all yet! There’s so many more on my phone (laughs). When I’m not on work schedule, I always have plenty of time to visit the gym and eat delicious food. I often eat only one meal per day. That’s why I am picky about choosing the right and best restaurants all the time. I do a lot of planning for this to all happen. I pre-plan almost everything and even plan for my next schedule. I prefer scheduled meet-ups rather than meeting randomly. I can’t stand looking at food menus and not knowing where to go. It’s not that I want to dominate the group’s decision. I am just trying to be responsible by asking ‘did you reserve a restaurant,’ ‘should I do it myself,’ ‘let me do it’ kind of thing.”

For someone who is easygoing and loves being around others, Kang So-Ra has become a public figure who cannot enjoy even the littlest things like socializing outside.

“The way I think of others remain the same, but the way they look at me have changed. Sometimes it is hard to handle all the pressure I receive from being an actress. When I take breaks from work, I use that time for meeting up with friends at least five times per week and it increases my network of acquaintances. In the beginning, I was afraid of being recognized by others in public, but now that I’m older… I feel that I can handle it a little better” (laughs).


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People who look strong on the outside tend to be weaker on the inside. And relationships can sometimes make them weaker. Kang So-Ra learned to hide her emotions ever since she was little, and now she struggles to reveal her feelings to someone she loves. Being in a relationship has made her understand the importance of sharing thoughts and feelings with one another.

“There’s really no one besides a boyfriend who can call or send text messages all day long. Even our best friends and families are not willing to do that. So finding someone who highly respects me and loves me dearly is a true blessing. And depending on which person I date, I can develop new hobbies or just try new things in general. Whether that turns out good or bad, I think being influenced by someone is great. I thought I was a very independent girl who didn’t like to depend on others, but after being in a relationship, I realized that it isn’t so bad after all. I became more comfortable in showing my no makeup face to others and be confident of who I am. Being myself is the best thing in the world!”

With her birthday in February, she has now become 26 years old. What goals would she have as a brilliant and innocent girl spending her time as an actress?

“When I was young, the only drive I had was reaching my ideal goal: being perfect in every possible way. But I realized that I was wrong… (laughs) because everyone is born to be imperfect. I was being too hard on myself. I was just lost and confused to where this career was taking me. I started talking to some of my acting friends in the acting industry and found that I wasn’t the only one on the boat. We were all in confusion. It was a rough moment, but now that many years have passed, I am happy to find that my dreams are coming true. But I still want to learn more; learn from the best teachers and actors and actresses. I want to be able to improve my acting skills for better synchronization with my viewers.”

Look forward to watching KBS’s new Monday/Tuesday prime time 21:55 slot, Neighbors’ Lawyer Cho Deul-Ho, with Kang So-Ra starring alongside popular actor Park Shin-Yang’s comeback to the small screen!


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