Which Top 3 Actresses are Winning Fans over with their K-Beauty on TV?

We look forward to unraveling their makeup products!

Elegant and gorgeous! The Korean actresses we see in many dramas are looking beautiful than ever. The trendy outfits, awesome hairstyles, and, most of all, rocking makeup. Here are some useful tips about the beauty products that are currently in their makeup bags!


What are lead Korean actresses wearing as their lipstick color?

The makeup products that celebrities wear are always a big wonder to us. How do they look so spectacular in every possible way? Here are some beautiful actresses Song Hye Kyo from ‘Descendants of the Sun’, and Lee Min Jung and Oh Yeon Seo from ‘Please Come Back Mister’ who demonstrate perfect beauty and great acting skills. Check out the beauty profiles of these Korean actresses in Elle Korea Magazine that is being revealed now.

Song Hye Kyo - Elle Korea


Song Hye Kyo plays the role of an experienced chest surgeon who does not care too much about her physical appearance or impressing others. However, this side of her actually makes her look lovelier and attractive. When the first episode for ‘Descendants of the Sun’ goes on air, Song Hye Kyo lures many women viewers with her makeup products. The Netizens (subscribers on Naver) have been posting on their bulletin, ‘What is the lipstick she is putting on her lips?’, ‘How does Song Hye Kyo look so young?’, and ‘What is her secret beauty tip?’


When Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) fixes her makeup in the elevator, she applies the ‘Laneige BB Cushion’ on her face. The BB Cushion clarifies the skin, blocks UV light, and makes everything long-lasting, which makes it commonly used for taking outdoor scenes.


The ‘Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar’ is good for the ombre makeup look. Song Hye Kyo has on the Lip Bar in this drama, and the Juicy Pop shade is becoming everyone’s favorite lip color.

Laniege - Elle Korea

Laneige BB Cushion with Refill, 37,000 KRW. Leneige Two Tone Lip Bar and Juicy Pop, around 25,000 KRW.


Lee Min Jung - Elle Korea


Shin Da Hye (Lee Min Jung) plays the role of a widowed housewife who is weak but still determined to build something big. She is a vibrant and sophisticated woman.

Makeup Artist

General Manager of Jenny House Olive, Han Soo Hwa


The secret to having smooth and transparent skin is paying close attention to the basic skin care routines. The Isa Knox Active Recovery Seed Collagen Cream moisturizes the skin and the Isa Knox Micro Foam Cushion Silk Cover refines it.


The empty space in the mucous area is filled in with the eyeliner and extended at the end corners by 1mm. The eyeshadow is lightly applied using Laura Mercier Eye Shadow in Cashmere Color, and Bobby Brown Eyeshadow in Deep Onyx.


Lee Min Jung regularly applies Isa Knox Ageless Wrinkle Free Lipstick on her lips. The shade of baby pink emphasizes her lovely natural image.

Elle Korea

Isa Knox Micro Foam Cushion Silk Cover, 38,000 KRW. Isa Knox Ageless Wrinkle Free Lipstick, 30,000 KRW.  


Oh Yeon Seo - Elle Korea

Character Han Hong Nan (Oh Yeon Seo) is a beautiful woman who gets her spirit possessed by a dead soul, Han Ki Taek (Kim Su Ro) who used to be a former gang member. The awkward gender confusion (man on the inside and woman on the outside) makes Oh Yeon Seo avoid putting on any color makeup on her face.  

Makeup Artist

Deputy Director of Jung Saem Mool East, Choi Yun Mee


Oh Yeon Seo wears a skin tone that is half brighter than her actual skin. The product she uses is a lightweight texture makeup product: Coreana Lavida Vital Recovery BB Ample Cushion.


Balancing face makeup is done by drawing a thick-arched shape eyebrow and eyeliner. But make sure not to extend the liner from the outer corners of the eyes. Light shadings under the eyes can also prevent having small eyes.


The gradient lips of a calming red tone is applied using Coreana’s Lavida Luminous Solution Shimmer Lift Lipstick (#5 Fuschia Pink).

Lavida - Elle Korea

Coreana Lavida Luminous Solution Shimmer Lift Lipstick, #5 Fuchsia Pink, 30,000 KRW. Coreana Lavida Vital Recovery BB Ample Cushion, 75,000 KRW.


Source: Elle Korea