Pastel or bold? Spring is here with GFRIEND’s Makeup Tips!

SinB & SoWon – Be my girlfriend

GFRIEND is a six-member Kpop girl group known for their unique concept of dancing in even pairs. Their cuteness is beyond words, and we want to know about their new spring trend that is melting everyone’s heart. Come check out SinB and SoWon, two lovely members from the group, wearing a soft, springy makeup shade – it makes them look hotter than ever!

SinB and SoWon picks awesome new colors for their spring makeup!

GFRIEND Sinbi & SoWon - Marie ClaireBoth dresses from Andy & Debb.

Sweety Girls

SinB wears blue and pink eyeshadow, while SoWon wears green and orange to make their eyes look bigger. Both extend their eyeliner to the far end on each corner to widen the eyes for a winged-effect. SinB’s blue eye makeup is said to be the hottest trend this year. Look lovely like GFRIEND’s SinB and SoWon by applying a soft pastel blush color on the cheek!

GFRIEND Sinbi & SoWon - Marie ClaireDress from Rai

Blooming Girl

SinB’s bold red lipstick stands out from her pale white skin. For someone who loves to put on pink pastel colors, she has shown another side of her in this photoshoot into the new SinB: bold, sexy, and seductive. The lightly applied black eyeliner and overall neutral eye makeup balances out the intensely vivid lip color she is wearing, to give all attention to her lips.

“It is my first time trying out this rich red lipstick. Unlike normal days, I feel very different and that is what makes it more fun and interesting… it’s as if I have become a true woman?”

– SinB

GFRIEND Sinbi & SoWon - Marie ClaireShirt from Marimekko.

Sun-kissed Girl

So Won’s healthy and tanned skin makes her look amazing in this soft coral-tone makeup. The coral tone warms up her cheeks’ complexion, and the cute pastel pink nails make her look lovely and cheerful. Here’s a tip from the beauty gurus, “blush works better on moisturized skin!”

“Many people tell me that orange and coral are my colors. I really like that healthy look when I put on coral colors on my cheeks and eyes for my makeup.”

– So Won

GFRIEND Sinbi & SoWon - Marie ClaireSo Won’s striped dress and SinB’s striped top is from Max Mara.

Dolly Girls

Both So Won and SinB are wearing medium-thick black eyeliners and long, rich eyelashes that make them look like Barbie dolls. On the lips they used a mixture of strawberry colored lipstick and lipgloss to enhance the eye makeup. No blush was used for their cheeks. Instead, a highlighter powder was used on their forehead, nose, cheekbones, and chin area very lightly to create the illusion of glowing skin.


Original Source: Marie Claire Korea

  • Editor – 한 은경 Eunkyung Han
  • Photography – 정 성원 Sung-Won Jung
  • Hair – 박 지선(요닝) Jisun Park
  • Makeup – 이 영 Young Lee
  • Styling – 곽 지아 Jiah Kwak
  • Nail – 허 진희 Jinhee Huh
  • Reference -March 2016


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