Why Koreans are OBSESSED with Actress Lim Joo Eun

The Shining Hour of Lim Joo Eun

Korean actress Lim Joo Eun is BEST known for her roles in horror-thriller movies such as Bo-young in ‘Don’t Forget Me’, who starred alongside with Kim Ha Neul and Jung Woo Sung. Her career did not start too long ago, but she is definitely on a roller coaster ride to her success. This June 2016, she will be back on the small screen with ‘Uncontrollaby Fond’ starring Kim Woo-bin and Bae Suzy. Check out Lim Joo Eun building her beauty empire in this chic photoshoot with Marie Claire Korea.

The preternaturally gorgeous actress Lim Joo Eun demonstrates her pure and white skin, alluring eyes and heart-shaped lips with Marie Claire. She wears Dior Addict Gloss that is being launched for the first time this spring in South Korea. Lim Joo Eun looks even more stunning, like a goddess, with the addition of this beautiful gloss on her lip.  

Lim Joo Won - Marie Claire Korea
All products from Dior, and earrings from Dior.



A layer of light foundation is applied to emphasize her clear, transparent skin, and Diorblush in #876 Happy Cherry is padded on her cheekbones for brightening the skin tone. And Chloé Blooming Beauty Collection in #726 Pink Breeze draws out her brown eyes, which is gently spread around her double-eyelids and bottom eye areas. The Addict Lipstick in #726 and Addict Ultra Gloss are known to be color flippers that give a full volumized lip. Nail polish by Dior, a coral pink tone of Bernie in #765, is her new nail color here.

Lim Joo Won - Marie Claire KoreaAll products from Dior, and top from Dior.



The excessive amount of hair mousse and damp hair creates a mix of wet and dry style in this photo. The Diorshow Mono Eyeshadow in #296 gives a spectacular and long-lasting effect with its intense iridescent matte finish. The Diorshow Mascara in Black #90 also maximizes the lashes to give a dramatic lift. The Addict Lipstick in #656 and Addict Ultra Gloss in #656 is applied in that order for color and extra gloss.

Lim Joo Won - Marie Claire KoreaAddict Ultra Gloss is a volumizing lip gloss that delivers brilliant shine and moisture with a plumping effect. 6.5ml, 40,000 KRW, from Dior.


Dior Ultra Gloss. This is a mirror-shine volume, gloss and care product that is composed of enriching oil ingredients and hyaluronic acid. The micro-spheres in the hyaluronic acid moisturizes the lip from deep inside and produces intensified volume-boosting effects. The polarized crystalline micro-spheres also adjusts the reflection of the light in almost every angle, and the unique handle brush creates easy pumping. This Dior Ultra Gloss is acclaimed as Christian Dior’s creative and image director, Peter Philips’ favorite backstage product.  

Lim Joo Won - Marie Claire KoreaAddict Ultra Gloss is a volumizing lip gloss that delivers brilliant shine and moisture with a plumping effect. 6.5ml, 40,000 KRW, from Dior.

“Dior Addict Lip Gloss and Dior Addict Rouge are two different products. The Addict Lip Gloss is all about being fashionable and happy of wit. Women can flexibly choose between the shades of pink, peach and coral, as if choosing their toys.

– Peter Philips, Christian Dior’s Creative and Image Director

You have very beautiful facial features. I bet many people have asked you to become a child actress before.

No… I don’t remember people asking me to become a professional child actress, because I was more of a tomboy back then.

Now that I see you in person, your skin is very bright and pale. I think in such cases it comes from your genes. Who do you resemble the most?

I have a little bit of both from my father and mother. They both have clear, white skin.

I was really surprised at your photoshoot today. The poses were excellent, and with your skinny, long arms and legs? You are just born to be a model. That’s also genetic, right?

Well, my genes are a big factor, of course. Everyone in my family has long, thin fingers and feet. But I really tried my best for the poses today.

Because your skin is so clear and white, your skin seems to be on the drier side. What do you do about skincare?

There is nothing in particular. I just go through my daily skin care routines, and share good tips and information with people going through the same problem. I also don’t miss out on the latest facial products, because I enjoy testing it out myself. But sometimes, I like to make home beauty products using natural ingredients. Facial masks made out of grain, fruit or vegetables are also great.

You look amazing in short hair. Is there a reason to why you cut it so short?

I’m currently filming a Korean drama called ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ and that is why I had to cut my hair. Actually, I’ve been cutting it for almost all my recent work. People tell me that I look better with short hair, so I plan to maintain this length for a while.

Do you put on your own makeup often?

When I begin filming a new piece or start doing something new, I always have to put on makeup. So when I’m off, I try to let my skin relax. I only put on my lipstick and basic skincare to hide my blemishes before leaving the house.

What do you struggle the most while doing your makeup?

I think having the right skin texture is the most important and difficult part of putting on makeup. Using the wrong base product can even make my clear, white skin become rough and dry. So I tend to pay close attention to my base makeup and use a brush or puff to moisturize my entire face.

How do you spend your leisure time?

I spend my free time relaxing at home and trying out good restaurants. I love eating delicious food and ask around to my manager and friends for any excellent food advices. I still have a long list of restaurants saved on my phone that I’ve yet to try.

Can you share what you have in your makeup bag?

I have a lip balm, concealer, hand lotion, and face pact (to use as a mirror). I don’t have a lot of things in my makeup bag, because I don’t normally put on makeup, unless I need to touch up later. These are just a few things that help me get through my basic makeup routine.

I think you would be more popular among men than women. If you have a date tonight, how would you do your makeup?

Honestly, I think girls like me more than the boys. If I have a date tonight, I would try something different. Find my mood and choose my makeup style. I would definitely emphasize my strong features and look natural. Adding a little bit of eyeshadow can spark some beauty. Then the lips would have to be moisturized with the right gloss, because it is a date! And finally, a rosy or peony scent for the perfume would finalize my date look for tonight.

Lim Joo Won - Marie Claire KoreaAll products from Dior, and shirt from Dior.



The All-In-Brow 3D in #2 Blonde creates a natural seagull wing-shaped eyebrow. And the eyes are emphasized using Diorshow Pro Liner, which extends the end corners long and thin. The Addict Lipstick in #465 gives rich color and another layer of Addict Ultra Gloss in #676 around the outline of the lip gives extra shine.

Original Source: Marie Claire Korea

  • Editor: Ahn So Young
  • Photography: Choi Moon Hyuk
  • Hair: Seo Eon Mi
  • Makeup: Son Dae Sik
  • Styling: Woo Lee Jung
  • Reference: March 2016