[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Ivy Reveals she doesn’t need a Makeup Artist 24/7


Ivy’s Sparkling Lips

Have you heard of the new beauty queen this spring? Ivy wears a classy and sophisticated look on her face with this sparkling lip gloss. The natural pomegranate pink does the trick of adding  a fruity shine onto her lip and voluminous color for a lovely kiss.

Cosmoplitan Feb 2016 Ivy LipsDior Addict Ultra Gloss 765 Ultra Dior – 40,000 KRW


How have you been lately?

Everyday, I was performing in a musical called “Chicago”, which kept me very busy.

No wonder…. you lost more weight since the last time I saw you.

Each week, I was performing in 8 different episodes and playing multiple roles. My body was worn out from standing long hours on stage, but I was still happy to do what I love most – acting.  

I understand what you mean, but I am still a little confused.

Musical actors and actresses need to have good teamwork. Once we start to understand each other and build friendship, moving forward is the only light at the end of the tunnel and there is no turning back from loving musicals like we do now.

Are you always conscious of your physical appearance?  

No, not really. But I just try to stay in good condition so that I can have a better performance. That is why I am always resting on the side, right before going on stage (although I should be used to it by now).

Do you receive any special skin care?

No, but I use at least one facial mask per day, because stage makeup is much heavier than my regular makeup. It makes my skin become really dry. So the trick is to put on Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hourⓡ Cream like facial pack around the eyes and leave it on overnight.

I’ve never heard of using the facial cream as your eye mask. What other products do you use?

Well, I have been doing my own stage makeup for a very long time, and that has made me become really interested in highly pigmented makeup products. The Urban Decay Multi Palette is probably my current favorite; it lets me try all the eyeshadow colors I want!

Wow, you mean you really do your own stage makeup? You are kidding, right?

I have been very familiar with makeup products ever since I was little, because my aunt is the main makeup artist for MBC. The stage makeup for Chicago the Musical was something I could do alone, because it didn’t require me to put on extravagant or special effects makeup style.



Source: Cosmopolitan Korea