Red vs Nude? MISSHA releases 2 NEW Real Gel Nail colors!

Red vs Nude?

If you have been searching for new nail polish colors, look no further! Missha released x2 new colors in their Real Gel Nail range – flattering nude and poison-apple red. Check out these trending colors, along with unique art decorations and tips about keeping healthy nails.

Ballet Pointe Shoes is the color of apricot beige like dreamy ballerinas.

Red vs Nude - Missha Real Gel Nails

Red vs Nude - Missha Real Gel Nails

  • Intense pigmentation
    Brings trendy and attractive colors with one coat of the gel nail polish.
  • Goddess-like shine
    Creates a glamorous gel nail gloss.
  • Long-lasting nail color
    Prevents gel nail polish from peeling off over time..
  • Stress-free removals
    Easy soak-off method available, no need to file your nails.



Follow these step-by-step descriptions for applying gel nail polish.

Red vs Nude - Missha Real Gel Nails

Tips for Healthy Gel Nails

Red vs Nude - Missha Real Gel Nails


How to enjoy having healthy gel nails

  • If gel nail gets on the cuticle while applying the gel nail polish, use the wood stick or anything of similar kind to wipe off and let it dry.
  • If the LED lamp is overheating, withdraw your hands from the device for a few minutes before putting it back inside to dry.
  • If your gel nail polish lasts for 3 weeks, let it soak off for about 20 minutes before peeling.
  • Store the gel nail polish in dark areas, and clean the container after you are done.

Nail Design Examples with Missha’s Real Gel Nails

Red vs Nude - Missha Real Gel Nails


Let us know your review of Missha’s new Real Gel Nails’ colors in red and nude in the comments below!

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*This is not a sponsored post by Missha.

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