banila co. Seoul Fox Tail Mascara, Volume UP!

The ‘Enchantment to a Fox’ enables this one-step mascara with volume, curling, and fixing.

The Before & After Effect – Seoul’s Fox Tail Mascara by banila co.

banila co. has just released a new mascara! The touch of Fox Tail Mascara will bring out the sexy in you. The mascara provides maximum volume with  a bold, extravagant look. The wire shaped brush is unique and naturally curves the eyelashes plus coats the layers evenly. This mascara creates full volume that doesn’t smudge, giving a defined overall look similar to many Korean celebrities that we see today.

banila co. Fox Tail Mascarabanila co. Fox Tail Mascara



Banila Co Artists will demonstrate the ways of putting on Fox Tail Mascara perfectly.

Put mascara first before applying eyeshadow

If you want to put on mascara evenly, apply it first before the eyeshadow. Then proceed with the eyeshadow and coat another layer of mascara.

Controlling the amount is pivotal

While taking out the mascara brush, the amount that naturally comes out is the adequate amount to use one time. Pumping more will lead to flaking

Attack each section separately

Divide the roots of the eyelash into four parts and apply onto all area. Put on another layer from the end to about 2/3 of the lash one more time.

Use the brush in zigzag motion

Apply mascara onto the eyelash in zigzag motions. This will put fibers onto your roots and fill up the blank spaces, which will have an eyeliner effect.

Tap to modify

If you have to fix your makeup after a long day, instead of brushing it when you first put it on, apply by tapping on the lashes. This will make it appear thicker and stronger.







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