[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Actress Lee Sung Kyung from Marie Claire Korea

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Model-turned-actress, Lee Sung Kyung. She just can’t stop to seize the crowd with her beautiful appearance and her acting skills. Lee Sung Kyung is showing off her new character in the new webtoon series called “Cheese in the Trap.” Read more about her success stories as a model and actress in this interview – you will be surprised!

Actress and Model, Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung did not remain silent nor did she avoid the questions being asked. She remained calm and responded to her best ability. As an actress building her career, she is happy to share her story about making her dreams come true.

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Actress Lee Sung Kyung did not waste any time in pursuing her career. Her debut three years ago, as an actress, turned out successful with her supportive role in television drama ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ and working with the infamous screenwriter Noh Hee-Kyung, top actor Jo In Sung and her love line Lee Kwang Soo. Thereafter, Lee Sung Kyung appeared in a drama series with 50 episodes called ‘Flower of the Queen’ with actress Lee Sung-Ryung, which was also a great hit. Now in 2016, she is playing the role of Baek In-Ha in a Korean webtoon series called ‘Cheese in the Trap’, and the public is enthralled to see her change in style and acting skills. We believe that Lee Sung Kyung’s big success will continue to grow as she maintains her good work ethics.  

Lee Sung Kyung’s role as Baek In-Ha in “Cheese in the Trap” is said to resemble her personality in real life. She is high spirited and full of energy, but deep inside she is hiding her sadness and biggest worries. The bold way of speaking and laughing outrageously only disguises her from revealing Baek In-Ha’s true self to others. Similar to Lee Sung Kyung’s character in ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’, Baek In-Ha’s character in ‘Cheese in the Trap’ is at first strange and unfamiliar. However, starting from episode 6, the public have given titles to Baek In-Ha such as “ultimate beauty” and “queen of expressions.”

“I am aware of the big expectations in this new drama that I need to adhere to by following the original work. The truth is, In-Ha’s character was not able to receive much positive feedback from the fans in the beginning. Her character did not satisfy the fans at all. But this ultimately made me realize that no matter the situation, I need to learn to accept and handle the problem. Complaining and crying is what you do when you are little.”

In a recent movie called ‘Broker’, she changed her hair color. Director Kim Hong-Sun’s works ‘Conspirators’ and ‘Technicians’ have many actors of similar age lined up. Thereof, Lee Sung Kyung had the role of a short-tempered lawyer who is dying to work on unsolved mysteries. “It is going to be an amazing piece with depth and meaning. The scenario is fun and I enjoy talking with the director. If what I am feeling is right, it’s going to be good, right?”

“While watching ‘Cheese in the Trap’, I was very happy to see the two famous actors, Oh Young-Gon and Son Minsoo, working side by side with lovely Baek In-Ha together on the same screen together. I think it would’ve been hard to accept this type of character yourself and, of course, being prepared to face the reality, too”.

The visuals and, of course, acting of this character was very conceptual and unrealistic. One time, I had to put on a wig to look like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. I felt sad at first, because I was in love with the sophisticated look of Baek In-Ha. But not anymore! I learned that actresses have to be considerate of many voices and situations, sometimes even letting go of your favorite things.

I realized the right way to show affection towards this piece would be separating In-Ha’s character from the original work to the drama. I am going to leave behind the In-Ha I loved from the original webtoon and get used to the new character.

Your acting skills can be flexible because you didn’t take any formal classes. But this is something we can work with.

“The methods can be different but the final output is the same – making the audience trust us. My goal is to stop my audience from feeling nervous and tense through my acting; I want them to be relaxed and focused on the drama”.

After you are done with each piece, how can you describe your worries as an actress?

“If I acted in a mini-series with a similar age group, I wouldn’t have had the same experience from being in the weekend dramas. That is because, here, I can observe the actors and actresses’ meticulous works from nearby for a long time. And because there are so many families watching the show, the storylines and various colors the actors and actresses can express are very different in a mini-series. I have truly become an actress, when I saw myself thinking about acting every day”.

You seem to prioritize having the right procedure. 

“I try to enjoy every moment I have, even when I’m stressed from work. As a model back then, I started with just getting my toes of my foot published in magazines, but that made me work harder to become big time. I was happy to take thousands of pictures overnight, although that could have been just taking the picture of my foot. But that is because I experienced worse moments, not having to take any pictures. Of course, there are other similar instances, but you can’t look back on them all. You just need to learn mind control”.

Actresses have many ups and downs of life, but why is it important to mind control?  

“Well, I say this quite often, but it is not easy as it sounds. The work requires a lot of mind control and being patient. But I just try to go with the flow when I’m doing other things. If something doesn’t work out, I don’t force myself to do it. I am bold at times, but there is still a feminine side in me. I don’t like pretending. I want to be true to myself and others so that we are all honest with each other. I will be releasing my collection of photographs shortly, although it is kind of embarrassing to share them. The personal thoughts I included in each page can be true or not, but it is what came to my mind at the time”.  

Tragedy behind the job of an actress is that everything is recorded. One day, it could become an old memory and make oneself feel ashamed.

“There are many things that I’ve already produced. (Laughs) It fits the current trend, but I know that it will eventually become outdated. I don’t worry, though, because fashion is known to go round in cycles and will come back after 10 years. When I look at old photoshoots, I find myself laughing at the old makeup styles, but I tell myself that that’s what the trend was back then. It’s not just me. Everyone looked like that. (Laughs)”

Your role model is Clayton Kershaw from LA Dodgers?

“I don’t know him personally, but he has proven himself through life and his career. Even though he is not playing on the field, he tends to remain on the bench to support his teammates. Those small and meaningful gestures made me realize what I should do to become like him. Like Kershaw, I will show through action who I am and what I am capable of doing.”

By what I see today, you make a strong female general

“As an actress, I want to share positive energies with everyone. I tend to just talk about good things around me, but people say that I only make compliments. I want to be remembered as someone who is nice and gives positive advice to others. Being forgotten, I believe, is meaningless”.

Today’s big topic is ‘The Next Big Thing’

“I will hope that you will support me to become the next big thing in the future. (laughs)”



Source: Marie Claire Korea – March 2016 Issue

  • editor  Yoo Sun Ae
  • photography  Ahn Joo Young
  • model  Lee Sung Kyung
  • hair 백 흥권 Baek Heung Kwun
  • makeup 류 현정 Ryu Hyun Jeong
  • styling 박 후지 Park Huji