Convenience Store Food That Makes Life Easy in Korea

[Are you in Seoul?] Convenience stores in Korea can be found in all corners on the street – from popular tourist areas to hidden alleys. You have access to them wherever you are! Not only are they opened at late hours, it is the one spot to get all of your goodies to keep you awake at night. Sometimes we have to pull all-nighters for exams, write long essays and finish up work, but with convenience stores right around the corner, it is not so bad.  

Convenience Stores Galore

Marie Claire Korea

1. CJ Cooked Rice Noodles: In a size of an instant noodle cup, it comes with seasoned rice and various flavored soup. Tastes delicious!

2. Brother Soda: To all the women who enjoy sipping on a can of beer, this might be the right drink for you. It has 3% alcohol but is sweet like soda.

3. Today’s Pork Sirloin Cutlet: One of popular lunch box series called “Shin Dong-Yeop’s Dosirak” from GS25 convenience store, is loaded with protein. The serving size of the meat is great and overall, it’s juicy.

4. Delicate Chicken Breast Rice: For those who are not a big fan of salty food and sweets, this might be the late-night meal for you. Highly recommended to those who are dieting.

5. Mom’s Bulgogi: The picture of Kim Hye-Ja’s face on the cover reminds people of their childhood and homemade bulgogi. It’s the convenience store version of homemade food.

6. Ganneung Traffic Spot Instant JJamppong: 7-Eleven made an alliance with Ganneung’s best restaurants and developed this new menu. It is known to be quite spicy.

7. Gamdongran: Only those who have boiled eggs before would understand how difficult it is to make soft-boiled eggs at home. This is the perfect item for soft-boiled egg lovers.

8, 9. Tastes Better Alone Almighty Soy Sauce & Rice Sauce: Chef Lee Hye-Jeong has given her secret recipes to Chef Go Jun-Young of Single Food Brand. It can be purchased on their website.

10. Fresh Club Tonkatsu Eff Sandwich: A sandwich that has the combination of egg salad and tontkatsu. It can be purchased at With Me convenience stores.

11. Fresh Club Spicy Tuna Kimbap: Kimbap with pepper and tuna on the inside. The name usually says it all, but it is actually not spicy.

12, 13. Single’s Fried Braised Mackerel with Kimchi & Lily Clam Doenjang Stew: Home Plus is producing food for single diners. It is very easy to cook at home.

14. Shrimp Fried Rice: Just wait 5 minutes in the microwave and fried rice will be cooked. Overall, you will feel satisfied.  

15. CU Cool Clam Noodle Soup: Garnish with dried pawn or carrots and the soup will taste amazing. It has less calories than instant cup noodles (280 kcal).

16. Giant Ddukbbokki: Definitely spicy. The sauce is very addicting. Put the right amount of water and place it inside the microwave. It will be ready in no time.

17. Joe’s Ddukbbokki: Joe’s sweet and sour “ddukbbokki” is being sold in convenience stores. This could be a great late night snack when all grocery stores are closed.

18. Baek Jong-Won’s One Plate Bento: The quality of the rice is great. Like all Baek Jong-Won’s invented recipes, it tastes magnificent, and the price is very reasonable for a gourmet bento.

19. Clam Bite Tuna: Inside the chewy fish cake, you can find oil-free canned tuna. It isn’t salty, so you won’t be thirsting for water. It is packed individually and could be taken as a light snack in your bag.



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