K-Drama’s 10 Best Lipstick Colors

10 Best Lipstick Colors10 Best Lipsticks As Seen in Korean Dramas

K-Drama’s leading female actresses are revealing which brand they choose to advertise on the small screen – and it is driving everyone crazy for them to get their hands on these go-to shade lipsticks. Having the right color can make a difference to your day. It can even make the most popular celebrities like So Ji-Sub and Kim Soo-Hyun fall in love… if you are starring with them in a Korean drama of course.

Madame Antoinette – Han Ye Seul
Chanel Rouge Allure 138 Fougueuse 41,000 KRW

Lovely hot pink portrays a soft and feminine look for going on dates! It is perfect for the Cherry Blossom season in the Spring.

My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol – Baek Jin-Hee
Labiotte – Petal Affair Firming Lip Color Slim Fit 16,000 KRW

Baek Jin-Hee puts on the slim fit petal color quite often in “My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol”, portraying a perfect sophisticated chic look!

Oh My Venus – Shin Minah
O HUI – Rouge Real W82 Curtain Coal Red 33,000 KRW

Shin Minah is the ultimate beauty icon we can’t stop staring. This lipstick has plenty of moisture and essence ingredients.

She Was Pretty – Go Joon-Hee
Shu Uemura – Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine 35,000 KRW

Latest trend setter for women with petite short hair, the love for fashion and lipstick! Creamy rouge can be used multiple times and will continue to give you lips that shine!

Second Time Twenty Years Old – Choi Ji-Woo
Re:NK – Modern Classic Lipstick 38,000 KRW

Everything is classy about this lipstick – the name, case design and most importantly, color. It gives that creamy coverage and also moisturizes your lips.

Producer – Gong Hyo-Jin
Club Clio – Virgin Kiss Tension Lipstick 18,000 KRW

When Gong Hyo-Jin used this color in “Producers”, this lipstick immediately became a big trend for lipstick lovers! It contains long-lasting gloss that is different from any other lipstick.


Producer – IU
Isoi – Bulgarian Rose Lip Treatment Balm 19,800 KRW

IU’s rosy lip balm, made her into a pretty princess in “Producers”. This lip balm is better for moisturizing the lip rather than being used as a solid color.

Oh My Ghost – Park Bo-Young
Lancôme – L’Absolu Velours 362 De Peche 40,000 KRW

This product emphasizes Park Bo-Young’s cute and lovely image. It has moisturizing abilities but also results with a stunning matte finish.

Bubble Gum – Jung Ryeo-Won
Yves Saint Laurent – Baby Doll Kiss and Blush 10 Nude Insolent 55,000 KRW

Jung Ryeo-Won picked this lipstick out herself to use in this drama! Highly recommended for people who adore the elegance of dried rose petals.

The Time We Were Not in Love – Ha Ji Won
Giorgio Armani – Ecstasy Lacquer 42,000 KRW

To obtain soft and moist lips, Ecstasy Lacquer screams out perfection! Just like lip gloss, it is moist but not sticky, portraying solid and defined look.

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