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How to choose the right Laneige Skincare

Now is the time to show your love – to your skin! Our skin works so well that it’s easy to take skin for granted. It’s your body’s largest organ. We need to give it all the vitamins it needs to maintain healthy skin. So what do you have to do? The right amount of moisture and hydration to the skin will do the trick. Thereof, Laneige skincare products may assist you in having sparkling beauty and clarifying your skin in no time. Let’s take a look.

Laneige Skincare Range


[Ultra Moisture]

에센셜 파워 스킨 리파이너_울트라 모이스춰

Ultra Moisture – Essential Power Skin Refiner: Intense hydration toner that refines severely dry skin by replenishing lost moisture to refresh and optimize skin.

에센셜 밸런싱 에멀젼_울트라 모이스춰

Ultra Moisture – Essential Balancing Emulsion: Advanced water balancing emulsion formulated with hygienic packaging that moisturizes dry and flaky skin.


에센셜 파워 스킨 리파이너_모이스춰

Moisture – Essential Power Skin Refiner: Moisturizing toner that refines and clarifies the dry skin by filling moisture from the inside to outside, leaving your skin feeling incredible supple.

에센셜 밸런싱 에멀젼_울트라 모이스춰

Moisture – Emulsion Balancing Emulsion: Moisturizing emulsion that softens the skin but also maximizes the absorption of moisture to have even toned skin.


에센셜 파워 스킨 리파이너_라이트

Light – Essential Power Skin Refiner: Lightweight toner that eliminates the impurities in the pores and moisturizes oily skin without leaving any residue.

에센셜 밸런싱 에멀젼_라이트

Light – Essential Balancing Emulsion: Lightweight emulsion that purifies and hydrates the skin and balances out the amount of moisture in oily skin.



에센셜 파워 스킨 리파이너_센서티브

Sensitive – Essential Power Skin Refiner: Hypo-allergenic toner that clarifies and refines the sensitive skin with moisture and improves skin texture.


에센셜 밸런싱 에멀젼_센서티브

Sensitive – Essential Balancing Emulsion: Hypo-allergenic emulsion that soothes stressed and irritated skin by balancing out moisture and restoring it to its healthy state.


This entire skincare range is coming soon to K-Beauty Now! Stay tuned!

Cee Ng

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