Instagram Ready Summer Makeup – Tutorial by PONY Makeup

Whether we are planning a vacation in a exotic land or cruising down the coastal road to feel the sand beneath our toes, summer has always been a season of limitless possibilities.

Summer marks the day where we can smell the lingering scent of the sea, gather around a bonfire and tell tall-tales, but it also means that most of us are struggling not to have our makeup melt off of our face like the wicked witch of the west. In today’s tutorial, Pony will show us how to achieve a smoldering look that is essential for keeping our Instagram posts on point regardless of the summer heat.

Park Hye Min is a famous beauty blogger, brand ambassador, and author. She became known as ‘Pony’ after gaining notoriety as Korea’s ulzzang (a korean slang word for ‘best face’). Her client list includes CL from 2NE1. 

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STEP 1 – A happy skin is a glowing skin

In this tutorial, Pony uses Chosungah 22’s Get! Peach Glow Pact as her foundation primer and moisturizer. This product was created by a famous korean makeup artist, Cho Sung Ah, and it embodies the spirit of summer perfectly. Get! Peach Glow Pact gives your skin a natural radiant glow without feeling too constricting. Apply your foundation Primer.

CHOSUNGAH22’s Get! Peach Glow Pact comes with a cushion puff and should be cleaned periodically. If not, the bacteria festering in the cushion can damage your skin.

STEP 2 – A Solid Foundation

Summer time is your worst enemy when it comes to social media. All of your worst features, whether it is the dark circles under your eyes or the red blotchiness around the nose, gets highlighted. Pony avoids this problem by using Lancome’s Absolue Sublime Rejuvenating Essence Foundation as a foundation. This product, infused with three different kinds of oil, is good for coverage and for healing your skin.

Apply a foundation that isn’t too light for your skin tone around your face and neck.

A stippling brush is a good kind of makeup brush to use when applying liquid foundation. It gives your look a high definition and airbrushed look.


STEP 3 – Concealer is the secret to the universe

Use a concealer to cover up any red spot. Pony uses Clio’s Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer, a popular Korean brand.

The trick to covering up your dark circles is to draw a triangle under your eyes with the point towards your cheek. This will cover up your dark circles and highlight your cheekbone.

STEP 4 – You’re a crayon. I’m a highlighter.

She uses Derma Color’s Camouflage cream in order to highlight her features. Although this Australian brand is a concealer, Pony uses a lighter tone to contour her face. Apply the cream to the center of your face, around the nose, and under the lips.

STEP 5 – Ready, set, and fix foundation!

Apply a light foundation powder to fix your makeup and remove the excess facial oil. Although she uses Revlon’s ColorStay, a great Korean alternative to this is Innisfree’s No Sebum Mineral Powder. This product uses Jeju Island’s natural mineral in order to rejuvenate your face and soften you skin. It also mattifies it.


STEP 6 – You must never underestimate the power of eyebrows

Many people underestimate the true value of eyebrows. Eyebrows are the new window to the souls, and you can change yours by filling it in. In this tutorial, Pony uses Innisfree Eco Eyebrow Pencil #3.

Never fill your eyebrow in with a black pencil. This will only result in your eyebrows looking like it was drawn in by sharpies.

When drawing your eyebrow, remember to draw it thicker. Thicker eyebrows are generally a sign of youth and vitality. You still want shape to them, but make sure you go easy on the tweezers.

STEP 7 – Slaying the eyebrow game

After filling in your eyebrow, you should lightly go over the shape of your eyebrows with your concealer. This will further define the shape of your brows.


STEP 8 – Mascara of all kinds

A common mistake that all fashionistas make is forgetting to put brow mascara on after they filled in their eyebrow. Your eyebrow mascara will darken your eyebrows and tame the stray eyebrow hair back into its place. Pony uses Kate’s Eyebrow color #Br-1.

Brush your brow mascara onto your eyebrows in a light upward motion.

If you have dyed your hair, you should choose a brow mascara that has the same base as your hair dye. You wouldn’t want to fill in your eyebrow with a color that has a red tint when your hair has a brown tint.


STEP 9 – I came. I saw. I contoured.

The eye shadow palette used in this tutorial is used as both a contouring tool and as eyeshadows. Pony X Memebox Shine Easy Glam 1 is a product created from the collaboration of Pony and Memebox. What makes this palette so special is its seamless transition from night to day and from summer to fall look.

Using the matte walnut ash brown color, brush both sides of your nose bridge starting from the inner lid.

Next, brush the same color around the end of your nose to get a rounder tip.

Then, brush under your lip in order to get a more define chin.

STEP 10 – A Kaleidoscope of Shadow

Using the same palette, apply a darker brown color over your lid. This will give your eyelid more dimension and will act as the base.

Next, using a short brush, layer the same eyeshadow over the crease line of your eye. This will ensure that your eyeliner will not smudge throughout the day.

Last, line the same color along your lower lashes. Remember not to fill in your lash line.


STEP 11 – When in doubt, just add glitter

The eyeshadow that Pony uses in the tutorial is Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes #3 Coconut Bay. This cool-beige glitter cream eyeshadow has everything you would want in a eyeshadow. It is consistent, doesn’t clump, and lasts throughout the day.

Dab this eyeshadow onto your eyelid and blend it outward.

Then, do the same for your under eye. Apply this color to the center of your under eye.


STEP 12 – Look me in the eyeliner

Although Pony uses Pro 8 Cheongdam’s Stay On Gel Eyeliner #Brown, a Korean brand, to dramatize her eyes, Bobbi Brown’s Gel Eyeliner is a good alternative and is easier to find. Gel eyeliner is better for your eyes because it’s as dramatic as liquid eyeliner without the mess and last twice as long as regular pencil liner.

Line your eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible.

Draw the wings a little longer because you would want your look to be more dramatic.

If you have trouble drawing the wings on your eyes, then you should use a business card and trace along the edge of it. You shouldn’t use tape because that would ruin the elasticity of your skin.

Last, line your eyeliner along the lower lash without filling in the lash line.


STEP 13 – The difference in a eyelash is through the curl

Curl your real lashes before applying your fake ones.


STEP 14 – Oh my Lash!

Pony uses two different eyelash set in order to achieve her sensual summer look. Both of these, Etude House’s Princess Eyelashes # Long Lash 02 & Magique’s Natural Eyelashes #F15, can be substituted by other brands. When you choose your fake eyelashes, choose one that is natural and one that can exaggerate the end of your eyes.

First, apply your ‘natural’ fake eyelash along your lash line. In this case, Pony uses Magique Natural Eyelashes.

Then, trim the ends of your dramatic fake eyelashes to match the ends of the eyelash you have already put on. You want to have a seamless transition between both of these sets of eyeylashes. Afterward, cut your dramatic eyelashes in half.

Apply each half to the end of your eyes.


STEP 15 – Next stop Lash-ville

Since the cornerstone of the perfect summer look is your eyes, the next step of this tutorial is to apply a false eyelash onto your lower lash line. Pony uses VDL Festival Lashes #07, but, unless you live in Korea or have an inside connection to feed your makeup addiction, it is difficult to find. Choose a fake eyelash that isn’t too long or dramatic, but just enough so that you can make a statement.

Cut the false eyelash into 5mm long pieces.
Then, apply them to the bottom of your eyelash.

STEP 16 – An era of mascara

Apply mascara to your top and bottom eyelash. This will bond your fake eyelashes with your real one.


STEP 17 – Fleeting blush of romance

Summer is all about dewy looking skin and having the sun kiss our cheeks just enough so that we get this healthy summer glow. In this step, we will be applying our blush. Like the eyeshadow palette, Pony x Memebox Easy Mix Block Blush is a product formed from a partnership between Pony and Memebox.

When you apply your brush, make sure you choose your tools correctly. If you apply your blush with a big, fluffy brush then your blush can be too intense. If you want your blush to be nice and light, then using a fan brush is the best choice.

STEP 18 – The building blocks of blush

The secret to having the perfect summer kissed cheeks is to build up your blush. After you have applied your blush, apply a different blush underneath it. Pony uses Tony Moly’s Crystal Blusher #5 Sugerbrow. She choose this blush in order to contour her cheekbone.


STEP 19 – Color me radiant

It goes without saying that every girl wants to glisten and not sweat. We want to be radiant and not be considered dull. Clio’s Art Highlight is an amazing Korean brand that gives us a radiant glow with a touch of shimmer. It is used to further highlight and contour your face.


STEP 20 – Rosy tinted lips

Pony shows us a way on how to circumvent the problems that all fashionistas are plagued with. How do we give our lips more definition without layering on too much lipstick? She answers our problem with the easy solution of applying lip tint before our lipstick. In this tutorial, she uses Etude House Dear Darling Tint #1 Berry Red. Like all Etude House products, this one also delivers. This tint naturally blends onto our lips and has the durability of an energizer bunny.

Apply your lip tint onto your inner lip and leave it to dry.

Blot your lips with a tissue to wipe away excess oils and residue.


STEP 21 – Lipstick is the glamour which turns the dust of summer ennui into glamour haze

After applying your tint, you will layer your lips evenly with a lipstick. Pony uses VDL’s Festival lipstick #601 Ashtone, however this brand is a little hard to find outside of Korea. For this look, MAC’s lipstick is an amazing substitute and offers a diverse range of color selection. For this instagram ready look, Pony chooses a bright pink coral lipstick.

Apply your lipstick evenly and then use a tissue to remove excess oil.


STEP 22 – What cupid gives, cupid takes away.

Finally, color in your cupid’s bow with a light pink lip liner to give it more volume.


Finished Look

Makeup Artist: PONY Makeup
Source: YouTube PONY Makeup channel

View the full tutorial (English subbed) by PONY Makeup below!