Girl Generation’s Taeyeon’s ‘Holler’ exotic look – Tutorial by Lamuqe (eng sub)

After their two year hiatus, Girl Generation’s sub-unit TTS with Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun, released their comeback music video ‘Holler’. ‘Holler’ has already reached no. 1 within the Gaon music chart, Korean’s national music chart, and placed no. 6 on the Billboard music chart. With the following easy steps by Lamuqe, we can also achieve Taeyeon’s ‘Holler’ exotic look.

This look uses the contouring technique around the eye area and jawline to create a deception of bigger eyes, and a more defined jawline that looks almost heart-shaped.

Before & After

Taeyeon's Before And After



STEP 1 – Apply your foundation

Apply a light foundation around your face by gently patting the center of your face and lightly applying around your jaw line. In this tutorial, Lamuqe uses HERA, a premium brand from the line of Amore Pacific, for her cushion foundation.

Step 1 A

The HERA UV Mist Cushion with Ultra Moisture has a sun protection of SPF34 with PA++ and claims to be an ultra hydrating and moisturizing cosmetic that gets rid of dead skin cells, as it contains Hyaluronic Acid peeling component that gets rid of dead skin cells, making the skin smoother and moisturized all day long. This product is also advertised by fashion models and actresses as their choice of base makeup.

 Step 1 B

STEP 2 – Remove oil from your face

Apply a skin foundation powder around your face to remove oil and to strengthen your base makeup. Gently brush the powder on any oily area. By applying a light, mineral foundation powder like Bobbi Brown’s, your base makeup from the cushion foundation will hold together even better and create a more long-lasting effect.

Step 8 A

Step 2 B

STEP 3 – Giving more definition to your eye

Choose an eye palette that has brown, ivory, peach, and deep violet shadow. In this tutorial, Lamuqe used banilla Co.’s Multi-Eye Palette Shadow (Fall in Seoul).

Taeyeon's Eye Makeup Pallette Closed
Taeyeon's Eye Makeup Pallete Open

This palette will be used in multiple steps for contouring, which is the secret in creating a perfectly defined look.

Step 3 A

Use a round brush and apply a peach color around your eye, both on the eyelid and under the eye.

Step 3 B

Step 3 C

Next, use an ivory color and apply below your brow bone and the center of your eyelids. Apply below your eyes and in the front corner of your eye to give an illusion of bigger eyes.

Step 3 D

Step 3 E

Step 3 F


Then, using a deep-violet eye shadow, apply it to the inner area of your eyelid and blend it outward. Apply this same color to the bottom outer corner of your eye to naturally connect your eyeshadow. Don’t forget to blend the contrasting colors to create a natural gradation.

Step 3 G

Step 3 H

For defined eyes, apply a heavier amount of the deep-violet eye shadow on the outer region of your eyelid and lighter in the inner region of your eye.

STEP 4 – Achieving bright and illuminating eyes

Step 4 A

Apply a shiny orange shadow to the inner half of your eyes using your fingertips.

Step 4 B

Do the same below your eyes.

Step 4 C

STEP 5 – Outline your eyes with brown eyeshadow

Step 5 A

Remember that eye palette from earlier? We will be using the brown eyeshadow to be applied where you would normally apply the eyeliner at the bottom outer corner (only) of the eye.

Step 5 B
Step 5 C

STEP 6 – Adding a bit of ‘Diamond’ to our eyes

In this step, we are going to add a brightening effect under the eyes that Taeyeon has effortlessly achieve in her new ‘Holler’ MV by using a glittery, pearl-based eyeshadow from Make Up For Ever in Diamond Powder #11.

Step 6 A

Choose a pink and violet eye shadow that has a pearl-based element to it.

Using your finger, apply the pink and violet eye shadow all over your eyelid and below the eye as well.
Step 6 B

STEP 7 – Highlighting those beautiful features 

Using a caramel-color shadow, apply it to your under eye with a narrow brush. The subtle color changes will give your eye a youthful and round look.

Step 7 A

Step 7 B


STEP 8 – Applying your eyeliner

Using a gel eyeliner instead of pencil and/or liquid is crucial at this step. Gel eyeliners are able to override the many layers of eye shadows and creates a more HD look by seriously outlining your eyes without smudging.

Step 8 A

Step 8 B

Apply the gel liner as close to your lash as possible and thicken the line as you move to the end of the outer eye.

By rounding up the end, you can give your eye more of an Bambi effect and give it a young and innocent look.

Next elongate a thin line at the upper edge to give yourself a haughty look.

Step 8 C

Step 8 D


STEP 9 – Viva la Lashes!

A big part of Taeyeon’s looks are her eyelashes. So in this step we will be applying upper and lower eyelashes.

Step 9 A

Step 9 C

If you cut your eyelash extension into three pieces, it helps make it easier to put on.

For your lower eyelash, place 8 mm long one-piece eyelashes onto your lash line one by one.

Step 9 B

STEP 10 – Apply mascara

Applying mascara will help bond your natural eyelashes together with the fake eyelashes. Apply your mascara in a zigzag motion.

Step 10 A

Gently tap the brush to prevent the makeup foundation base from rubbing off.

Step 10 B

After the mascara has dried on your lashes, use your finger to lightly ‘pinch’ them together. This will bond the two lashes (fake + real) together.

Step 10 C


STEP 11 – Perfectly shaped brows

Step 11 A

Using a caramel-khaki color pencil for eyebrows, lightly shade-in your eyebrows. Be sure to add a space between them because Taeyeon is known for having a wide space between her brows.

Step 11 C


STEP 12 – Make way for contouring

Apply a bronzing powder to both sides of your nose bridge to heighten the nose bridge.

Step 12 A

Step 12 B

Apply the same powder around the chin line to get a slimmer facial shape.

Step 12 C

STEP 13 – A blush by any other name

Apply a bright pink blush onto your upper cheek bone. Then lightly add a lavender color to your cheek and brush it in a wide u-shape to achieve a young look.

Step 13 A

Step 13 B


STEP 14 – Last time using the eye palatte

Using the ivory color from your eye shadow palette, apply it to any area you want to highlight (i.e. the area between your nose and lips, nose bridge, chin, upper cheekbone, and forehead).

Step 14 A

Step 14 B


STEP 15 – Luscious Lips, Part 1

Apply a bright pink lipstick all around your lip as the base such as Make Up For Ever’s Rose Artist Natural #21.

Step 15 A

Step 15 B

STEP 16 – Luscious Lips, Part 2

Then using a pink color tint by eSpoir’s Lip Stain Water Glow in Muse #RD201 ‘Bite Me’, apply it to your inner lip and blend it outwards using your fingers to create a natural gradation. Like your eyeshadow, this will give your lips more definition.

Step 16 A

Step 16 B


STEP 17 – Luscious Lips, Part 3

Last but, not least, the lip gloss. Top off your lip by applying a transparent pink lip gloss to the center and inner area of your lip.

Step 17 A

Step 17 B


Finished Look

Finished A

Finished B

Makeup Artist: 라뮤끄  (Lamuqe)
Source: YouTube Channel MPD

View the full tutorial (English subbed) by Lamuqe below!

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