AOA’s ChoA’s ‘Like A Cat’ Makeup – Tutorial by Lamuqe (eng sub)

Remember when AOA struck us and the Gaon’s music chart (Korea’s national music chart) with their claws back in 2014 with the hit ‘Like a Cat’? AOA debuted two years ago with a seven member troupe and have since continued to entertained us even with their latest hit song ‘Heart Attack’. Their MV ‘Like a Cat’ brought us an elaborate story line, suspense, and most importantly, ChoA’s hypnotic and sexy cat makeup. In today’s tutorial, Lamuqe will show us how we can all achieve her sexy and cute cat looks.

In this tutorial, makeup artist Lamuqe uses a limited edition makeup palette. However, the palette can be substituted with other brands.

Before & After



STEP 1 – Apply a light foundation around your face 

ChoA is known for her perfect and even skin. In this tutorial, Lamuqe uses Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation SPF 15 PA+ with a cushion puff (sold separately) in order to achieve ChoA’s glowing skin. Both of these products are amazing when used correctly.

However, Bobbi Brown’s liquid foundation can get streaky if not properly dried. If you are looking for a Korean product substitute, try Laneige’s BB Cushion Pore Control SPF 50+ PA+++ which has a custom cushion puff that maximises your soothing and cooling effect that quickly transfers moisture onto the surface of the skin. It combines the long lasting wear of a traditional foundation with the easy applicability of a cushion puff.


STEP 2 – Primer

Apply a primer onto your eyelid and under the eye with your fingers. The focus of ChoA’s cat makeup is in her hypnotic eyes so it is important to make sure your eyes won’t smudge after applying a heavy layer of eyeshadow.

You can make your eyeshadow pop more by coloring your eyelid with a white eyeliner pencil after you apply your primer. This will act as your base and it will help cancel the pigment of your skin, which will bring out the eyeshadow more.

STEP 3 – Getting a ‘matte’ look

Using a brush, apply a finishing foundation to your face. The foundation should have a mattefying effect. In this tutorial, Lamuqe uses Bobbi Brown’s Skin Weightless Powder Foundation in Warm Ivory, a skin foundation that is known for its light coverage and natural blend. This foundation comes in 20 different skin tones, so be sure to choose the right tone when buying it.

STEP 4 – Eye shadows

The main focus of ChoA’s ‘Like a Cat’ makeup is in her eyes. In today’s tutorial, Lamuqe uses a limited edition MAC’s Keepsakes in Beige eyeshadow palette that was only available for the holiday season in 2014. However, you can still replicate the palette that Lamuqe uses with Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette.

Using a flat brush, apply a soft matte beige eyeshadow over your lid and under eye. On your Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, ‘Foxy’ is the closest eyeshadow to what Lamuqe uses.

Next, layer your eye makeup  with a pale brown matte eyeshadow. Apply it over your eyelids and under eyes. The closest duplicate to the eyeshadow Lamuqe uses is Urban Decay’s ‘Tease’.

In this next step, using the same pale brown matte eyeshadow, we will lightly contour your nose bridge and eyebrows with it. Brush it along the sides of your nose bridge and fill in your eyebrows. This will ensure that your eyes will become much more pronounced.

To get that smoky mysterious look that ChoA has, we will be using a deep brown satin eyeshadow. Lamuqe uses MAC’s ‘Night Whisper’, but we can still achieve the same look with Urban Decay’s ‘Busted’. Using a thick brush, apply it along your eyelid crease. If you are afraid that the eyeshadow is too dark, you can blend it with the pale brown matte eyeshadow we used earlier.

Layer your eye makeup with a golden bronze shimmer eyeshadow. Lamuqe uses MAC’s ‘Quintessential’, but Urban Decay’s ‘Half-Baked’ could be substituted for it. Apply it over your eyelid only.


STEP 5 – Eyeliner

Using a gel liner, draw the line as close to your lashes as possible. ChoA’s eyeliner is very dramatic and thick, so it is important to make sure our makeup is the same. Make sure your eyeliner is thicker at the end of your eyes.

If you have trouble drawing your eyeliner, then you can start out with dots first. Line your eyes with dots first and then connect them.

Don’t worry about drawing a perfect cat eyes now because we will be applying after you attach your fake eyelashes.


STEP 6 – Fake eyelashes

In this makeup tutorial, Lamuqe uses two different styles of eyelashes. The first set is to dramatize the body of the eyes and will also be used for the under lash line, and the second set creates the flare at the end of the eyes like a flicker of the cat’s tail.

Set 1 – Increase volume on your eyelashes

Before applying your eyelash, notice that there are many ‘knots’ where the lashes are clumped together. Using scissors, cut the first and last two knots of your fake lashes, around ¼ of each end only. You should now have 8 pieces by the time you are done (4 knots x 2 eyelashes= 8 pieces).

Save those 8 pieces of eyelashes because you will be applying it later as your under eyelashes. In this tutorial, Lamuqe uses Tony Moly’s Lash Styling in #10 Dolly Girl Wing.

Apply your eyelashes.

STEP 7 – Getting the end of your lash to flare out dramatically

In this next step, Lamuqe uses A’PIEU fake eyelashes in #2 to get the long lashes at the end of her eyes to flare out like a ‘cat tail.’ However, while A’PIEU is a popular, native brand in Korea, it is still relatively difficult to find online. A good alternative to A’PIEU’s lashes is Tony Moly Lash Styling in #7 Sexy Cats Side.

Cut the ends of the eyelash where it flares out and attach them to the end of your eyes.


STEP 8 – Adding the finishing touch to your eyeliner

After you have attached your fake eyelashes, finish drawing your cat eyes with the gel eyeliner.


STEP 9 – Focusing on the under eye

What distinguishes ChoA’s eye makeup from the others is the eye makeup in her under eye. So we are going to go back to the eye palette and apply a muted brown eyeshadow to the bottom of your eye. This eyeshadow is similar to Urban Decay’s ‘Busted’.

Avoid filling your inner lash line with eyeshadow. Leaving the inner lash line clear would make your eyes seem rounder and bigger.


STEP 10 – All that glitters is not gold

In our next step, we will be applying glitter to our under eye to make it stand out. Using a glitter eyeshadow, apply it to the center of your under eye. Lamuqe uses Ameli’s Sparkle Eyeshadow in #59 Spotlight. If you have trouble finding this eyeshadow, then Bobbi Brown’s Sparkle Eyeshadow Sunlight is a good alternative.

If you spray your brush with water, it helps make the glitter stick together more and helps achieve a more intense look.


STEP 11 – All that is gold does not glitter

ChoA achieves her luminescent look by emphasizing her undereye. In this next step, we will mix glitter eyeshadow and change it into an eyeliner. To get her liquid gold eyeliner, Lamuqe uses MAC’s Object of Affection in Gold Glitter and Missha’s Magic Eye Change, a formula that can turn your powder eyeshadow into a consistent liquid eyeliner.

After mixing it, apply the liner to the center of your undereye to intensify your gaze. When you layer the glitter liner on top of the existing eye shadow, the base shadow acts like a primer.


STEP 12 – Life is short. Lashes don’t have to be.

With the 8 pieces of Tony Moly’s lashes that you saved from Step 6, apply them to the center of your under eye.

STEP 13 – To brow or not to brow

Fill in your eyebrow with your eyebrow pencil. ChoA’s eyebrow are a little lighter due to her blond hair so make sure your eyebrow pencil is a little lighter. If you are aiming for the exact same look, Lamque uses Shu Uemura’s Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil in #9 Light Caramel.


STEP 14 – Coating your eyebrows

Use a light brow mascara to coat your dark eyebrow hair and make it a little light. banila Co.’s Light Brown Brow Cara is a good product to use here.


STEP 15 – Contour to define your facial features

ChoA is known for her small face and pointy chin. In order to achieve that, swirl the brush in circles around and under your chin. Lamuqe uses banila Co.’s The Secret Face Multi Shading Palette here, but you can also achieve the same effect if you use any color that is slightly darker than your skin tone.

Sweep across both sides of your nose bridge and under the lip.

STEP 16 – If I were the blushing kind…

In the music video, it doesn’t look like ChoA has any blush on her cheek, but she does wear a light layer of blush. Apply a light orange and bronze blush across your cheekbones by lightly sweeping it diagonally downward. In this tutorial, Lamuqe uses MAC’s Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul.


STEP 17 – Beautiful lips

Although ChoA’s eyes are the hero of this look, her lips is the unspoken sidekick that supports this look the entire way. Using a concealer, apply it all over the lip and over the lip line. Any concealer can get the job done, but Lamque uses Chanel’s Correcteur Perfection Concealer in shade #10 for this tutorial.

STEP 18 – The Ombre Effect: Lip Gradation

Apply a burgundy lipstick such as HERA’s Rogue Holic in #49 Enchanted Wine to the center of your lips with a brush. Using a brush will give your lips more precision and control when applying. While applying your lipstick, layer your lipstick from the inside of your lips going outward in order to get an ombre effect.

Your lips are like your eyelids. You can blend the color with your fingers in order to get that ombre look, with the heavier layer on the inside and the lighter color naturally spreading outwards to get that gradient effect.

Lastly, use the brush and lipstick to draw fine lines through your lips to give it a ‘parched’ look that accentuates your lips.


Finished Look

Makeup Artist: 라뮤끄  (Lamuqe)
Source: YouTube Channel MPD

View the full tutorial (English subbed) by Lamuqe below!