KARA’s Goo Hara ‘Mamma Mia’ smokey look – Tutorial by Lamuqe

KARA’s latest MV has acquired over 10 million views on YouTube! In celebration, here is Goo Hara’s (lead dancer) idol makeup tutorial from South Korea’s new vlogger, Lamuqe. Hara is known in Korea for her trendy makeup looks and great fashion sense.

This makeup tutorial is recommended for beginner to intermediate makeup users. Remember, if you don’t have the specific brand’s product listed below – it can always be substituted with a similar product you may already have at home.

Before & After




STEP 1 – Foundation

Apply foundation to the foundation using a brush, in a gentle motion. To cover blemishes that require more coverage, softly press the brush against that area.



To express Hara’s sleek and clean skin tone, Lamuqe uses mineral powder which provides both coverage and a more natural look.



STEP 2 – Create a base for the eyeshadows

Start the base using an almond-colored eye shadow. In Hara’s Mamma Mia MV, she is wearing her base eye shadow all around her eye lids and just below the eyebrow. Then gradually fade it near the eyebrow to give gradation and no harsh lines.


Use an eye primer prior to this step to let your eye makeup be long-lasting and not get oily throughout the day.

To complete the base, apply just below the eyes along the lower-lash line.


STEP 3 – Make the eyelids shimmer

Use an almond-colored shadow with gold pearls to give a high chroma, or a more intense color effect. Apply on top of the area where we have just applied the base shadow. Do the same below the eyes along the lower-lash line.


STEP 4 – Give the eyes amazing depth

We will now give extra depth with a gold-pearl khaki green eye shadow. First, apply lightly along the double-eyelid line near your lashes (from outer to inner), then gradually fade the color within the eyelid. Blend a natural gradation sing a blender brush. For a strong smokey look, elongate the line to create a cat-eye line, though do not create an arch.




With the lower-lash line, start applying as you move along from the outer ends to the inner ends, connecting the top and bottom.


STEP 5 – Last eye shadow to use, promise.

Lastly, apply some gold-pearl shadow with your finger at the center of the eyelid to create a more vivid look.



With the same eye shadow, use a brush to gently sweep it across the lower-lash line, from middle to inner eye.


STEP 6 – Eyeliner

Apply a thin line between each lash and elongate the tail a bit longer (slightly arched) at the corner of each eye.


We will apply the eyeliner using a gel-type eyeliner, to help create the smokey look. Since we have used a lot of eye shadows, it is better to use an eyeliner that is highly pigmented and quite intense in color.

Fill in the lower-lash line that connects the outer corners and also fill in the inner corner to create Hara’s unique half-moon eye effect.


STEP 7 – Apply fake lashes

We will use lash extensions with abundant lashes. If you are new to false lashes, read our written tutorial.


After applying the adhesive onto the fake lash, wait a bit for it to slightly dry off. Then place it right onto the eye lash line (not on your real eye lashes!), and set it using tweezers.

mpd_mamamia_07_eyelashes_CWhen the adhesive has completely dried use a curler to match together you real lashes and the fake lashes, to give a more natural look.


After your top eyelashes are done, it now time to apply extensions to the lower-lashes. Place one right below the center of the eye to use a guide for the others, and then apply a few more uniformly across. With the fake eyelashes, the eye-make will look more vivid and clear.



STEP 8 – Apply mascara

Using a non-smudging mascara or a waterproof mascara that has a dense brush will give the lashes more volume. Brush upward in a zig-zag motion to create a stronger bond with the fake lashes and the natural lashes together.



Then brush downward from the top to cover the shininess of the fake eyelashes.


For the lower-lashes, do the same zig-zag motion. Be careful to not push too hard and to get mascara on your lower eye shadow! 


STEP 9 – Shaping the eyebrows

Shape your eyebrow with the eyebrow pencil by creating a straight line. Then lighten the color by using the eyebrow roll-type brush by blending it across.mpd_mamamia_09_eyebrow_A



The trend for Korean KPOP girl idols is to have straight eyebrows. Why? Straight eyebrows help expresses a level of cuteness and a more younger look.


STEP 10 – Blush for the cheeks

Shade the contour line by applying bronze-colored blush on the cheekbone. This should be done lightly to not overpower the eye makeup.

Gently tap the brush to prevent the makeup foundation base from rubbing off.


STEP 11 – Lipstick 1 + Lipstick 2 = Voluptuous Lips

We will apply bright-pink lipstick on both top and bottom lips. Glossy lipsticks help keeps the lip moist as a base.



With lipstick #2 that has a brighter, pine tone – gently apply this on the center of the lips (you can pucker like a duck here). This will then complete Hara’s round ad high-volume lips.





Finished Look



Makeup Artist: 라뮤끄  (Lamuqe)
Source: YouTube Channel MPD

View the full tutorial (English subbed) by Lamuqe below!



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