Girls’ Generation teaser images for “PARTY” MV July 2015 comeback

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Girls’ Generation (SNSD) is coming out with three new title songs for their 2015 summer comeback! These pictures are teaser images of the upcoming “PARTY” music video. The 8 member group are looking like goddesses with their beautiful hair in rich colors full of dimensions. 


Watch the teaser video below.


Snsd Hyoyeon (5)

Snsd Seohyun

Snsd Hyoyeon (6)

Snsd Sooyoung (6)

Taeyeon (1)

Snsd Yuri

Snsd Sunny (2)

Snsd Yuri (4)

Snsd Yuri (2)

Taeyeon (2)

Snsd Yuri (1)

Snsd Sooyoung (2)

Snsd Sooyoung (5)

Snsd Sooyoung (3)

Snsd Seohyun (3)

Snsd Yoona (8)

Snsd Yoona (3)

Snsd Tiffany (4)

Snsd Yoona (1)

Snsd Yoona (2)

Snsd Tiffany (3)

Snsd Tiffany (1)

Snsd Sunny (3)

Snsd Sunny (4)

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