Son Dam Bi turns into Cosmopolitan’s Editor for the July 2015 Issue

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South Korean actress and singer Son Dam Bi (age 31), is promoting her new sitcom “Yumi’s Room” with a photoshoot featured in the July 2015 issue of Cosmospolitan Korea.

Partnering with Cosmopolitan and Olive TV, Son Dam Bi’s first episode of her new sitcom “Yumi’s Room” will be broadcasted on June 30th. This sitcom tells the story of a single lady, Yumi (Son Dam Bi), who tries to find happiness and what is it that she really loves.

In this pictorial, she shows an average 30 year old’s daily life who is single and no different from someone who has just come home from work.

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After Work
After Work


A Cup of Coffee


Clean & Clear
Clean & Clear
Watching TV
Watching TV
On the Bed
On the Bed

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Feature Editor 김혜미 (Kim Hye Mi)
Photographer 김영준 (Kim Young Joon)
Fashion Editor 노경언 (No Kyung Un)
Stylist 윤상미- 인트렌드 (Yoon Sang Mi from Intrend)
Hair 이범호 – 아쥬레 (Lee Bum Ho from Azurer)
Makeup 윤희 – 제니하우스 올리브 (Yoon Hee from Jenny House Olive)
Feature assistant 박지연 (Park Ji Yeon)
Fashion assistant 김소담 (Kim So Dam)

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