How to apply false lashes – Tutorial by DADDOA (eng sub)

Asian eyelashes are slightly lacking in the eyelash department, and although we try to put on numerous layers of mascara on – the effect just isn’t the same!

Applying false lashes for the first time can be daunting, especially when dealing with glue and sharp tools so close to your eyes. However over time, with practice after practice, you’ll master how to put on false lashes on from taking 30 minutes to 2 minutes on a daily basis. The outcome of using false lashes (that looks more natural) completely changes your look, allowing your eyes to look bigger and enhances your eye shadows.

Using false lashes in Korea is a given – and the blogger video that is recommended below is the best Korean tutorial with English subtitles on how to fix your purchased lashes to best customize for your eye length. Daddoa also teaches at the end of the video how to remove the fake lashes safely.

Enjoy the tutorial!