Tony Moly’s Goat Milk Premium Cream – BESTSELLER

Tony Moly’s brand slogan is “Total Skin Revolution” and claims to deliver total skin solution for women. The Goat Milk Premium Cream is popular due to the rich nutrition of the goat milk that can give the skin a healthy, moisturised look.

1. Whitening & Anti-wrinkle double functioning cream that makes skin healthy.
2. Enriched with 60% goat milk originated from New Zealand.
3. Its concentrated goat milk enriched with nourishment and moisture is absorbed deep into skin.
4. Improving skin’s overall condition by preventing moisture depletion.
5. Protection skin from irritation or stimulus coming from polluted modern environment.
6. Soft and creamy texture that spreads effortlessly on the skin.
7. Delivering plentiful moisture, nourishment and activating content deep into skin.


How to use
At the last step of basic skin care, apply appropriate amount on the skin and smooth over it. Pat gently for better absorption.




Jihee Park

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