Say NO to childlike makeup, and YES to a lovely pink look

The latest Korean trend is the tinted lip method and picking the right color can help you prepare for your next date! We all don’t want to look like a kid in front of a hot guy and want to make a good first impression. In Korea, it’s important to achieve the right balance of looking pretty, pure, innocent, mature and sexy all at the same time. Heavy makeup is a definite NO in Korea unless you are going clubbing.

Create your make up that focuses on the lip (to aim for a goodnight kiss of course), that are emphasized by a glowing complexion, natural eyes and tinted cheeks.

See below Cosmopolitan Korea’s product recommendations and how-to guide.


Step 1: Glowing Complexion

Stay away from caking on your foundation! If you want to produce a transparent looking skin yet moisturized at the same time, the best kind of foundation on the market is the cushion powder.

First, apply a pink make-up base to help brighten up the skin tone. Then, pat (not drag) the cushion puff with the cushion foundation all over the face. You can also fold the cushion puff in half to cover any blemishes around the nose area.

Glowing Complexion

Step 2: Pure Eyes

This look will be highlighting the lips and cheeks and much as possible – thus the eyes should be simple yet will give off a pure look. The eyebrows should be soft on the edges with a straight, but slightly arched approach. Use a corol colored cream shadow for the eyes and apply a light brown mascara for the eyelashes. Using a black mascara will be too harsh for this look and will make the entire look more not as natural. If your eyes are smaller in size, use a light brown eyeliner near the end of the eye.

Step 3: Tinted Cheeks

Next is to create a charming smile by highlighting the cheeks. With a well moisturized skin thanks to the cushion foundation, a cream or liquid based blush will work best together. These kind of products have the advantage to give enough blush color that is needed without overdoing it. To have a more natural look, apply the blush once, and then apply another layer near the back of the cheekbone.


Tinted Cheeks

Step 4: Sexy Plum Lips

Now we can reveal the lovely pink color to use on your lips is plum!

BASE: Add a small amount of foundation on the cushion puff and apply on the lip, mainly around the outer lips.

TINT: With the lip pencil, apply in the center of the lips.

FILL:  Fill in the lips with a lip brush and expand the color outwards with the aim of a natural gradation. If the lips seem to be a lighter colour then desired, then apply another layer.

SWAB: To clean up the lips, use a q-tip cotton bud to finish the outer lip line so there aren’t any smudges.

Lip Tint

Product Recommendations

Lovely Look Product Recommendations

  1. Amore Pacific Anti-Aging Color Control Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++
  2. Lancome La Base Pro Hydra Glow
  3. Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro – #4 Amber
  4. Maybelline New York Fashion Brow Duo Shaper – Brown
  5. Dior Tint Cheek & Lip Glow
  6. Benefit Hydrating Tint Lipbalm – Posie Balm

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Cosmopolitan Korea
Editor: Park Ji Won 박지원
Editor: Lee Hyun Jung 이현정
Photographer: (인물) Jang Ho장호
Photographer: (제품) Jang Ho 장호, Jo Ill Kwon조일권
Model: Han Kyung Hyun한경현
Makeup: Ryu Hyun Jung류현정
Hair: Kwun Young Eun권영은(김청경 헤어페이스)
Stylist: Jang Ji Yeon장지연
Assistant: Jang Hyung Yoon장형윤
Fashion cooperation: Club Monaco클럽 모나코

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